Cost: $100 USD
End Date
End Date
Tue May 15 at 08:00 pm EDT
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Meets For
5 Session(s)
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About This Class
Our demanding fast-paced lives can set us up for energetic imbalances that lead to physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. We become healthy and balanced, and stay that way, and develop our natural intuitive and healing skills, by learning to develop and maintain strong intuitive energy boundaries.

Our energy boundaries filter experiences, allowing us to explore our world and attract good experiences while also protecting us. In this webinar series you will learn what energy boundaries are, how they support us, how we get energetically unbalanced, and how to develop and maintain them to live your best ...See All
A sense of humor, desire to be strong and healthy, curious, and ready to dig in and work hard. Be able to share and support fellow students. You'll need good Internet connection and be able to join us live.
Additional Information
Series starts Tuesday April 17 and continues each Tuesday: April 24, April May 1, May 8, and May 15. The series is $100.

While you can learn by joining the webinar recording, it is best to join live. Email Robyn with questions.