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Wed Jul 12 at 08:30 pm EDT
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About This Class
External societal and interior personal changes, and the unseen energy currents in our environment, are only three kinds of variables in the vast field of our lives. Life changes all the time, in both major and minor ways. How do we deal with the personal and societal stresses of our lives? How can we create an interior decor that addresses our needs for peacefulness, safety and nurturing? This COMPLIMENTARY online webinar will address the needs of creating a haven, a sanctuary where we can retreat from the outer distractions and unrest of the world and ground ourselves from within. When ...See All
Additional Information
Sherry Burton Ways is the CEO and Interior Design Principal of SBW Aligned Expressions, located in Silver Spring, MD. Through SBW Aligned Expressions, Sherry taps into who you really are, then plans, organizes and designs interiors that are a full expression of her client. Whether it's "seaside serenity" or "Moroccan luxury", Sherry utilizes her expert planning, organizing, and design sense to pick out just the right decorating pieces that align and work wonderfully in your space. Sherry's designs help transform rooms into spaces that serve as inspiration and supportive of client's dreams, ambitions and overall lifestyle. She deeply believes that ...See All