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About This Class
UFOs - one of the most popular subjects of the day but still it remains a great mystery. However, as one studies the history about UFOs and listen to the experiences and stories told by various researchers, people witnessing them in the sky, or the contactee/abuctees, you soon realize that there is a great deal of activity surrounding this study. Actually in fact, there is enough evidence and physical recordings linked to UFOs,that if it was brought to a court of law, UFOs would be declared to be real.

We all know that the major media ...See All
For this class, it just requires an openness to the idea that there has to exist in other parts of the infinite universe we live in other intelligent life, some of these other worldly beings, have an advanced enough technology that they are able to freely travel through outer space to other worlds and which, some of these galactic civilizations have visited the Earth.