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Mon Dec 4 at 09:00 pm EST
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2 Session(s)
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About This Class
This class is a 2-part, progressive series , that will foster expanded awareness of your intuitive self, and guide you through mediumship development.

Series 1:
-Working with the subconscious mind, to eliminate barriers of fear.
-Understanding the essence of self, at it's core.
-Expanding into timeless self awareness.
-Overview of the basics of spirit communication

Series 2
-Establishing structure in the communication process
-Recognizing spirit's presence
-Communication Strategies with spirit

As always, in each class I encourage ...See All
Learners Enrolled (50)
Yarmouth County, CAN
I am a 40 Something married mother of three in Northwestern Montana. I am a licensed massage therapist, currently training in hypnotherapy, as well as an archaeology student.
Columbia Falls, USA
31 years of Tarot Reading and Astrological Profiling experience. Former Environmental Research Scientist, currently completing the transition into a full-time Spiritual Collaborator - helping to answer questions, give healing, and bring forth messages of love, as a Medium, from the AfterLife and All Around Us.
Los Angeles, USA
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