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Stoping diabetes-related frustration can be very challenging and annoying. It can become so overwhelming that it causes emotional distress; triggering unnecessary arguments, snappiness towards others, problems at work or home.

During this class, we are going to look at the ways frustration impacts our lives as well as methods to reduce that impact. Diabetes-related frustration goes way beyond testing for blood sugar. It's surprising how many hidden triggers there are, and we are going to learn how to identify these triggers that cause your frustration and resolve them.

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Leslie Anne Wood, M.A., H.H.C.P. is an Intuitive Counselor who uses her real life experiences, a formal education in Holistic Wellness techniques, and a lifelong ability as a Clairsentient to help you manage grief, loss, depression or physical pain. During her ten years of private practice, Leslie continues to observe the often dramatic curative effects that Holistic Wellness techniques offer her clients. Although Leslie has received formal training in modalities that range from Western Herbalism, Energy Medicine and Foot Reflexology to Aromatherapy, The Bach Flower Essences and Crystal Healing, she is quick to combine treatment techniques to help her clients heal in Mind, Body and Spirit. In many cases she recommends the use of these modalities to increase the efficacy of traditional Western Medicine. Leslie is an award winning Inspirational Speaker and the author of the book: Bullied But Not Beaten - Years of Torment and Threats of Murder Reveal Ways to Combat Bullying Leslie shares lessons learned as she guided her teenaged daughter through six years of bullying that resulted in fear, theft and actual threats of murder. Her book is available at and for Kindle and Nook.
New York, USA