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End Date
Sun Dec 30 at 05:45 am EDT
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Meets For
5 Session(s)
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Subject Area
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About This Class
In this class we will work on your vocal technique, so you can sing better, by connecting the "Bridge" / Passagio, which is the braking point in our voice.
Also we will explore different ways to:
- Over come stage fright
- Learn how to express emotions when we sing
- How to build your performance with live audience
No pre-requisites, only your true and deep passion for singing.
The class is public, and will be recorded.and open to view to the public, video camera is needed, but if you dont have one, we will manage as well.
when you log in please set your mic for listening and talking, so I can hear your voice ..when you join the class you agree for it to be recorded and spread over the net.