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About This Class
We all have an inner voice of insight and wisdom deep within us - but usually we're out of touch with this guiding voice and creative power - we're so busy thinking that we never stop to listen. In this class John introduces his unique WizeWell Focus Phrase Process that directly and often impressively wakes up the creative muse and brings deep insights flowing to the surface.

This class summarizes the first 12 Focus Phrases of the WizeWell Process. John will spend a few minutes with each Focus Phrase, so that you learn it by heart, and ...See All
The Focus Phrases you're learning in this class can stand on their own as a day-long meditation ... however, they definitely build in power and impact when used as a series of inner experiences, as John explains in this class. So you can use the 12 Focus Phrases separately as you choose, or also as a daily 5-10 minute meditation process to quickly quiet your mind and wake up deep inner realizations and healing.
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These 12 Focus Phrases aim your attention inward toward present-moment experience. The first 4 Focus Phrases are specially designed based on cognitive research to quiet the flow of thoughts in your mind in just a couple of minutes. This in itself is a remarkable inner process to learn and use often each day - so that you can shift into expanded qualities of consciousness at work, when relating, and at home. And when your mind is temporarily quiet, the additional Focus Phrases direct your attention in powerfully rewarding inner directions.
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Currently, I'm trying to get into nursing school. It's been a lot of work thus far... but I know it will be worth it in the end! I came across this website and I'm eager to learn some new and exciting things to impliment into my life! Love n Blessings to all...
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