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About This Class
Have you ever had mild traumatic head injury? Have you ever experienced heart break that keeps you stuck in the past? Would you like to get unstuck off of repeat and rejuvenate your beautiful brain?

Join Mahalia for this lively webinar and BEAUTIFY YOUR BRAIN!! What you can look forward to learning and experiencing while attending this one hour wuvinar webinar:

*Stimulation of your pre-frontal cortex otherwise known as your 'angel brain' and find out why this is essential to LIVE YOUR DREAMS!

*Purify and activate your glands and neurons ...See All
Please be open to experiencing luminous, exotic, potent and loving sounds from the white whales and dolphins .. The ALLUMINA Collective. They have taught me a language to share with you that optimizes and advances brain function so that you can experience heaven on earth, your personal Bliss.
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Do you have a mental mullet? Party in the back of your brain, reptilian and limbic ego drama, pain, suffering and keeping the old stories alive survival mode ... combined with ... business in the front of your brain, pre-frontal cortex where you are controlling, compartmentalizing, judging, analyzing and or fearing your gifts??

Are ready for a party in the front of your brain, your executive function, your light, bright, brilliant angel brain where your Bliss is? Lets trim that mullet and BEAUTIFY YOUR BRAIN with Brain-Bliss!! It's time to Party!!
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'You are the center of the Universe. You are a star shining bright. My hope and mission is for you to shine as brilliantly as you were meant to. Together, basking in the light of each other, we all shine brighter.' - Anna Pereira This describes my mission. It is to bring out the best in you! I have been a creative entrepreneur with a strong attachment to spirituality nearly my entire life. I call myself an evolutionary catalyst to raise awareness and create positive change. My background includes my own artistically based businesses in fashion and accessories handmade and manufactured, and corporate experience as head of a multi-million dollar division for a manufacturer of pet products. As a motivational public figure, my inspirational posts are known worldwide. Through my Facebook page Circles of Inspiration by Anna Pereira, I have helped the lives of over 700K. Following my calling to truly make a global change, I am involved in several epic projects to better the world. Most recently, I have founded The Wellness Universe, along with my partner Shari Alyse and our company is Soul Ventures Corp. Focused on building the space for a flourishing network of heart-based entrepreneurs, as the leader of The Wellness Universe, it is rewarding helping modern day thought leaders and co-creators of change reach their goals personally and professionally. Through guidance and encouragement seeing world changers not only changing the world, but their world changing as well, is my life's greatest reward. Bringing people together in this one of a kind epic wellness resource for anyone browsing our site to find encouragement, help, love, inspiration, education, advice, products and support from trusted sources is a dream come true. I encourage empowerment, authenticity and attachment to spirituality as core building blocks to achieve anything you dream. I believe maintaining a positive attitude sees you through a situation with success. Authenticity is the epicenter to long term joy and success. Always be you ~ The best version of you! Have a blessed day Namaste Anna
I have taken my many years of struggle and learning and decided that the knowledge gained should be used to help others. Losing my father to suicide at the age of 12 sent me down a path of anger, bitterness, hatred and eventually forgiveness, mercy and Love. Opening my heart and learning how to understand and full love instead of being angry and bitter have brought peace and healing. I have since become a Life Coach, Reiki Master Practitioner. NLP Practitioner and an Ordained Minster. The knowledge gained thru life experiences as well as the numerous classes I have taken has given me insight into how to understand and help others heal from loss, trauma and everyday challenges in life.