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About This Class
Based on the information of The Universal Calibration Lattice, your personal connection with the Universe, we will have a look on how your energy is interacting with the energy of the others in your Universe. Is it possible to change your partner? Your mother in Law? We might have given it a try or two. But if we uncover the energy dynamics and transform what is no longer useful and invest the energy helping the relationship, shift happens. Come and discover how we can do just that.
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Since I was 12 I was passionate about learning the truth of our world through ancient history. I started with every translation of the Bible, through all Religions, then on to Chariots of the Gods, Metaphysical, New Age, Course of Miracles, back to the Bible and just finally, have been opened to learning the truth of how we developed on Earth and who helped us along. Now looking for the Divine Creator of all....
Crown Point, USA
Elif Angel Raynor is a Turkish American psychotherapist known for her warm and friendly style and spiritual approach with her clients. Her clients have a special bonding with her that makes them truly comfortable. Her focus is on personal journeys, cultural conflicts, depression and anxiety, educational and career goals for immigrants, women with children and older adults. Her approach is unique just like her own personal journey that brought her here. Her inner child workshop helps people to locate their source of suffering and end it so they can live a happier and joyful life! Elif Angel Raynor has a master degree in International Business, a master degree in Forensic Psychology and another master degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy. Elif Angel Raynor is heavily influenced by Carl Jung and his teachings. She also believes in and uses Coueism and Narrative Therapy style in her workshops.
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