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About This Class
The SCIENCE of Bliss / Ecstacy and Peak Experience / Peak Perception.
1. Biofeedback measurements: EEG / EKG - history of golden ratio in brainwaves measurements of peak perception (
2. Breakthru physics of a deep phase conjugate model of the cause of consicousness and (peak) perception:
2. How and why bliss is a biologic necessity for immune health- ( ) - and taking memory through death ( )
3. Bliss science applied to a deep understanding of the biomechanics of kundalini :
- Course Dates : Dec. 6, 2015 ...See All
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redway california, USA
San Diego, USA
I have studied basic electronics, been working in tech support for the telecom industry. I have my own business in multimedia. I am also a licensed massage therapist.
Montreal, CAN
Live Oaks Natural Health Center - Clinical Director 33 Live Oaks Road - Dahlonega, Georgia, 30533 706-867-9229 Naturopathic Physician - BioEnergetic Medicine - Quantium Physics - Spiritual Psychology - Cymatherapy - Heart Math - AVATAR EAV Technology Certified Instructor- Certified GAPS Practitioner - Homeopathy- Chinese Herbal Medicine - Nutritional Therapy -
Dahlonega, Georgia, USA
Jersey City, USA
Austin, USA
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