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About This Class
Biologic Architecture: The deep science
In depth review of the electrical principles of Biologic Architecture-
-as we have developed the curriculum (extensive graphics) now used in countries around the world
( notably: in Mexico , also acknowledgement to Michael Rice:
- how architecture is reinvented now that we know what electric field accelerates all life ( example our: )
Intro to practical applications and to our partners around the world in this curriculum - including Olda in Prague:
- Course Dates : Nov. 29, 2015 - & Jan. 31, ...See All
Learners Enrolled (34)
Live Oaks Natural Health Center - Clinical Director 33 Live Oaks Road - Dahlonega, Georgia, 30533 706-867-9229 Naturopathic Physician - BioEnergetic Medicine - Quantium Physics - Spiritual Psychology - Cymatherapy - Heart Math - AVATAR EAV Technology Certified Instructor- Certified GAPS Practitioner - Homeopathy- Chinese Herbal Medicine - Nutritional Therapy -
Dahlonega, Georgia, USA
EE semi-retired in 2012 after 6 years at IBM plus 32 years at HP. Now doing part time contract engineering designing automated test systems on National Instruments hardware with LabVIEW software.
McMinnville, Oregon, USA
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