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This course primarily features Mark Rohrbaugh: Advanced Geometric Physics Solutions: Protons exist EMBEDDED in Electrons-
New physics evidence- for conjugate solutions- fractality.-
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Advanced Geometric
Physics Solutions
by Mark Rohrbaugh
â¢In this course we will be reviewing solutions to advanced physics problems using Nassim Harameinâs work, Dan Winterâs equations, and showing the simplicity of the approach. Using a basic geometric and information theory approach, assuming a constant density of the vacuum, we will solve for the black hole mass-radius relationship, the proton mass, the proton radius puzzle, and present a few new precise equations for the proton to electron mass ratio and Avogadroâs constant, and examine some of Winterâs phi ratio and Planck unit discoveries.
â¢We ...See All
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EE semi-retired in 2012 after 6 years at IBM plus 32 years at HP. Now doing part time contract engineering designing automated test systems on National Instruments hardware with LabVIEW software.
McMinnville, Oregon, USA
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