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About This Class
This course primarily features Mark Rohrbaugh: Advanced Geometric Physics Solutions: Protons exist EMBEDDED in Electrons-
New physics evidence- for conjugate solutions- fractality.-
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Additional Information
Advanced Geometric
Physics Solutions
by Mark Rohrbaugh
•In this course we will be reviewing solutions to advanced physics problems using Nassim Haramein’s work, Dan Winter’s equations, and showing the simplicity of the approach. Using a basic geometric and information theory approach, assuming a constant density of the vacuum, we will solve for the black hole mass-radius relationship, the proton mass, the proton radius puzzle, and present a few new precise equations for the proton to electron mass ratio and Avogadro’s constant, and examine some of Winter’s phi ratio and Planck unit discoveries.
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redway california, USA
EE semi-retired in 2012 after 6 years at IBM plus 32 years at HP. Now doing part time contract engineering designing automated test systems on National Instruments hardware with LabVIEW software.
McMinnville, Oregon, USA
Austin, USA
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