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About This Class
Are you sick of your job? Or tired of the same routine and know you are meant to be doing something greater? Do you feel called to help, uplift, and heal others and raise the consciousness of humanity?

Then you may be hearing the call to start living your truth as a Lightworker.

This online workshop will provide you with valuable tools to discover and align with your life purpose.

You will learn about what it means to be a Lightworker, the top 8 keys to your discovery, do a short ...See All
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I am very quiet, I'm 34 and have not managed to get over my shyness. Probably due to me being extremely self conscious, I'm still trying to find my self esteem lol. I have a huge heart and try to take care of everyone around me, always going above and beyond to make others happy. I love animals, all animals, if i could i would live on a ranch with all different kinds of animals. I have 2 beautiful daughters my oldest is 18 and my other daughter is 14.
Lancaster, USA
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