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Tue Sep 20 at 03:00 pm EST
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About This Class
What is creativity?

"Creativity is marked by the ability or power to create - to bring into existence, to invest with a new form, to produce through imaginative skill, to make or bring into existence something new."
- Webster

In this on-line class we will journey to the very heart of the creative process. We will explore what creativity is: the internal and external expressions it can take: We will then take the group through some exercises that will prepare people for working in a powerful Circle at Pendle Hill next year. ...See All
An open heart, open mind and sincere interest in exploring the place where arts and shamanism meet!

This seminar prepares people for the 2 year Sacred Art Practitioner Training in the USA: SAP Rising! At Pendle Hill 2017 - 2018 but is open to anyone who wishes to join our exploration. All welcome!
Additional Information
For more information about SAP Rising! At Pendle Hill 2017 - 2018, please use these links::