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Sun Mar 11 at 04:30 pm EDT
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1 Session(s)
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About This Class
This 90 minute video facilitates access to your inner guidance system and tools to connect with your inner knowing more easily and directly from here forward. You will receive healing and messages from 3 divine helpers, and realign with your authentic beautiful being-ness, your well-being, clarity, authenticity, purpose and joy.

* Guided Journey- a healing & informative journey. Shifts energy & gather what you'll need for your art piece.
* A 30 minute break to work on your art piece (pause the recording to take your art break.)
* Interact & Receive support from ...See All
Your Inner Compass Part 1
This is Part 2 of Your Inner Compass Art Ritual. You do not need to have your art from part 1 completed, but you do need to at least do the guided journey from part 1. To do that, just register for Part 1 and watch the recording.