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About This Class
We invite all participants of the eBrain Study to join Dr. Evian Gordon, creator of the My Brain Solutions Assessment and Dr. Heidi Hanna of Synergy to discuss initial findings of the study and specific recommendations for training an optimal brain state for peak performance and sustainable health.
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My name is Sidney and I work at Learn It Live. I instruct on the use of Learn It Live and the virtual classroom for instructing online classes and events. Send me a message if you have any questions about Learn It Live.
Atlanta, USA
A dedicated leader with over 15 years of extensive business experience focused on efficiency and results with a passion for success. Strong client service and management background with thorough planning and organizational skills. Experience includes sales, management, operations, marketing, public speaking and leadership.
San Diego, USA
Greenwood Village, USA
Dr. Evian Gordon is a developer of the field of Integrative Neuroscience, which consolidates information about how the brain functions at a physical, biological, and emotional level, and brings objective measures to psychiatry. He is the author of the Brain 1-2-4 model, a widely accessible method of understanding how the brain functions. He is the founder and CEO of Brain Resource, Inc., which integrates brain research from over 350 scientists within leading institutions in 28 countries to encourage peak performance, and address addiction, depression, ADHD and other disorders. Brain Resource produces, an integrated online series of interactive applications to know and train new brain habits. Dr. Gordon has also established Brain, a non-profit organization to empower children with methods to explore and train their brains. He has published over 300 scientific papers and two books. He is an avid painter, and has exhibited his work in New York and San Francisco. Dr. Gordon is based in San Francisco.