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Wed Feb 27 at 01:30 pm EDT
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6 Session(s)
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About This Class
Happy Belly is a well-rounded 6 weeks program that will help to relieve bloating, swelling, gas, and improve regularity. It covers everything from what to eat, drink, how to exercise, how to use visualization and positive affirmation and breath to make friends with your belly and improve digestion.

This program brings together the best and the most effective instruments of yoga, ayurveda, and modern science. It covers all aspects of living to create an efficient and healthy digestion from what you feed your body and how to do it, to what you think and how to ...See All
Additional Information
We tend to forget one simple thing: our body is constantly renewing and building new cells. New cells are being built out of the nutrients that we get from the food. If the food that we eat is not nutritious, if our body is not absorbing the nutrients, or not eliminating the waste, the new cells cannot be healthy from the very beginning.

Throughout my life since early teenage years I had issues with digestion. My belly never was my close friend. We would always fight. I put more food in than necessary, my stomach would make ...See All