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Wed Jun 19 at 10:00 pm EDT
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If you wish to change your life, you must know your predominant beliefs because you cannot change what you are unconscious of. We must take an inventory of our principal beliefs and examine them often, if we wish to create a life replete with meaning, purpose and happiness. Transformation requires letting go of outdated thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that are not conducive to the life we wish to live. In this webinar, you will learn how beliefs are formed and how to change your beliefs to create the life you are destined to live. There are practical exercises in this ...See All
Additional Information
1. Understand through open awareness, your beliefs systems.
2. Uncover limiting beliefs related to respective areas of your life.
3. Recognise where, how and why you may be unconsciously sabotaging
areas of your life.
4. Transform limiting beliefs by making peace with the past.
5. Use The Work by Byron Katie to create new empowering beliefs.
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Jayne Chilkes is a Soul Channel, Ordained Minister, Energy Healer Teacher and Author of Four Spiritual Books:- The Call of an Angel, Twelve Steps to Heaven, The New DNA and A Secret Path to Freedom. She has over thirty five years experience and presently shares new information and channellings from the Masters for a New Earth, Peace, Harmony, Love and Light with All. Her articles are recently published in Sedona Journal Magazine.Channelled Blog and Excerpts from Books: http://thenewdnablog. Books at Jayne-Chilkes/e/B0034Q32NY
Canandaigua Lake Bare Hill Vortex, USA
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