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Courtney Marchesani
Health & Wellness
Recorded: Feb 24, 2018 at 05:00 pm EDT
Learn how to listen to the language of your soul through guided imagery, soul symbols, and dream intuition. Discover your personal Soul Key and let it unlock your blocks and help you into a deeper exploration of your unique gifts. These gifts of empathy, intuition, vision, and expression have called to your heart, mind, body, and spirit during this lifetime - it's time to learn how to unlock them now! Taking this course will help you increase clarity, personal power, clear vision, accurate feelings, and many more!
Our 4th seminar is about the 3rd Ray / Red-Orange Ray of Creativity and some of its Goddesses: Shakti Hindu); Bridget (Ireland); Sekhmet (Egypt); Ix Chel (Mayan) � Others may be added. Plus...1) Q's & A's, 2) A Discussion About Creative Expression 3) Exercises To Assist you to Connect with Your Own Creativity 4) Invocation to the 3nd Ray Goddesses and 5) a Guided Meditation to Connect with them. Facilitated by Seven Ray Initiates Andrea Mikana-Pinkham and Melody Heart, longtime teachers of the Goddess Tradition. https://www.sevenrayorder.com/the-sisterhood-of-sophia BECOME A PRIESTESS OF SOPHIA: For those women who would like to become a Priestess of Sophia, we will offer that auspicious opportunity during our 9th seminar in 2018. As a Priestess you will be grounded in Her energies, as well as that of the Seven Rays and Their various Goddesses. You will then be a representative of Sophia, the Lady of the Seven Rays, on Earth.
This two-hour class will include a 40-minute Medical Self-Hypnosis/Theta Brain Wave Technique session. The class is limited to 5 students and each must be viewing the class on a computer that has a camera and microphone. I must be able to see and talk with each student prior to and during the session. It is necessary for me to make an energetic connection with each student. In the first part of this class, medical hypnosis, medical self-hypnosis and the Theta Brain Wave Technique will be explained along with the many advantages of learning and using the Technique in your life. Mind and body skills such as migraine headache, chronic pain, muscle spasm relief as well the value of deep rest for daily stress and anxiety/panic attack relief will be discussed. I am offering this class at a very low fee in the hope that the information and experience will help you decide to take one of my online training courses. There is no obligation on your part to do so in taking this class. Please visit my website for more information. http://www.internationalmindbodyinstitute.org Each student will receive an MP3 of the Theta Brain Wave Technique session at no cost.
Join us for this half-hour FREE introduction to the history, rites and teachings of the very ancient Order and Mystery School of the Seven Rays and its branch, The Sisterhood of Sophia.