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Even though we yearn for more joy and peace in our lives, most of us fixate overmuch on chronic worries and upsetting thoughts that make us feel anxious, unsatisfied, depressed and moody. Recent research based on ancient meditative insights has revealed a new short-form approach to shifting our experience into a brighter, more creative and compassionate mood. Working with several colleagues, Psychologist John Selby, author of "Quiet Your Mind," "Seven Masters, One Path," and "Wisdom, Wellness, & Redefining Work," has recently developed the WizeWell Process for quickly and enjoyably quieting the flow of negative thoughts through your mind, so that you regain your inner center, recover from stress and fatigue, and wake up to your higher potential. In this series of 6 online classes, John will step by step teach you his full method for regaining the present moment and re-activating your full potential. Both at work and at home, you can apply this WizeWell Process whenever needed to brighten your mood, improve your health, boost your performance - and bring more joy and peace to the world. In John's words, "After many years of leading in-person seminars and intensive workshops, I want to explore the potential of these online interactive classes for meditative teaching and experiential sharing. So in these classes, we're going to discover to what extent we can actually experience each other's presence in the group, through focusing our attention together in special directions. "We're going to explore a set of new Focus Phrases that my colleagues and I have been developing for the last decade. Where we focus our attention determines everything that happens in our lives. These coming classes will explore the power of Focus Phrases to aim our attention inward toward what seem to be the core shared spiritual experiences that make us truly human. "At this point in my life, as a psychologist I find these Focus Phrases the most powerful cognitive tools for breaking free from habitual negative mindsets and moods, and releasing our potential for fulfilling our life purpose - and for enjoying each moment of the rest of our lives. I look forward to meeting you online, and exploring this new electronic medium for coming together." For more, visit: www.breatherbreak.com
Ever wonder... Who Am I? What am I meant to do with my skills? What's my life's purpose? I wish I could make decisions with confidence. Knowing your archetypes will answer these questions and more. In this class, you'll learn what archetypes are and how to use them as guides in your personal and professional life. Are you a Healer? Gossip? Hedonist? Eternal Child? Queen? This class will not be recorded. Therefore, there will not be a recording available for a later date.
Hemalayaa Behl
Health & Wellness > Yoga
Recorded: Feb 25, 2012 at 01:15 pm EST
Yogini and Indian dancer Hemalayaa combines these two sacred traditions into a clandestine and mystical adventure. The movements of the dance become endearing expressions of timeless tales and the yogic postures and breath-work remove the obstacles to perfect health, abundance and joy. Find the portable paradise the mystics have hinted too through the alluring dance of the feminine divine and triumph to gain the sanctity of the great Yogi’s. Explore the immeasurable union of art and science into one striking moment in time.
Learn how the energy of our food directly impacts health and mood, and why so many “healthy” eaters often feel run down, sick and tired. Discover simple tips for energizing and fully nourishing your body with delicious, nutritious foods in keeping with the cycles of nature.
We all have some limited beliefs that can hold us back from the success we desire. During this class you will learn and understand: - How powerful the mind is - How to use order and focus to handle your limiting beliefs - 3 things you must do when dealing with paradigms
Do you run from one activity to the next without much opportunity to recharge your brain and body's batteries? If so, then I'm sure you wonder how to stop racing through what often turns out to be a second rate version of your own life. But how can you break the cycle, when there is so much to do, and so little time? This session will help you kickstart an upward spiral of healthy habits so you feel refreshed - at last! More specifically, you will learn: - Why working harder may detract you from success - How better health habits will make you more productive - A simple strategy that will make your health goals easier to achieve - Where to begin to become your best, most vital and engaging self. Can't wait? I know! Me neither! ;-)
Christa Shelton
Health & Wellness
Recorded: Feb 18, 2012 at 03:00 pm EST
This class will go over the basics of the vegan diet. We will discuss ways to ensure you are getting all the vital nutrients necessary on the vegan diet as well as go over meal planning ideas. An easy recipe will also be provided!