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This classroom is a LIVE Information and Q&A Session for Prospects and Students of the Get A Klu Coaches Training which starts the first week of April and continues for 15 consecutive weeks with 90 minute online sessions each week. Enrolled Learners will also receive 12 Private one-on-one Coaching Sessions with a Head Coach in addition to any "accountability partnerships" formed with other learners in the training. Learners may elect a learning path to an Independent Coaching Contract with Get A Klu or may simply take the information to incorporate into their own practice or career. There is no obligation to work with/for Get A Klu upon completion of this training. OBJECTIVES: The primary objectives of this course are to introduce you to a wide variety of coaching outcomes, strategies, techniques, tools, scripts and formats that will empower you as a “change agent” for anyone that gives you permission to be their coach (Manager, Supervisor, Director, Team Leader, etc.)! In very broad brush strokes, upon completion of this coaching and leadership training, learners will be able to: • Deliver “breakthrough” perspectives and unquestionable “value” for anyone in a single coaching session! • Give immediate and viable strategic problem-solving solutions to any client for any key life or small business result area! • Diagnose needs, replace limiting with empowering beliefs, and create lasting transformation for any client! • Simultaneously hold someone powerfully AND gracefully (keeping rapport) accountable to their commitments! • Condition and strengthen a client’s level of integrity (command of self, calendar, and word)! • Assist ANYONE in the process of goal-setting, strategic decision making, effective time management and work-life balance! ADDITIONAL OBJECTIVES FOR "HONORS" (GAK Coaching Contract Track) STUDENTS: • Be able to enroll prospects into coaching programs • Be able to perform Behavioral Assessment Debriefs (DISC & Values) • Be able to deliver effective "Motivational and Accountability" Coaching • Be able to generate leads/identify prospects of Coaching • Be able to build a Coaching "practice" (calendar full of paying clients)
Reading nutrition labels can seem daunting, but with the right information and tools, it doesn’t have to be. In this course, you will learn how to read nutrition labels and ingredient lists of packaged products. You will understand what pieces of information are most important, how to make simple calculations to get the information you need and how to make good judgments about the foods you buy. You will also learn how to decipher the ingredient list to know if a product is healthy or not. The course will include exercises to help you put what you learn into action, and to ensure you come away feeling confident about your next trip to the grocery store. Attendees Will Learn: - How to understand ingredient lists - How to read and evaluate nutrition fact labels - How to compare products so you know which is the healthiest option - How to read through marketing label claims to really understand what they are telling you
Is your craving for sweets actually a sugar addiction? What does recent research reveal about sugar and its effects on the human body? Join Diane Randall, Wellness Educator and Holistic Health Coach for an informative, insightful learning experience. She will help you explore a holistic approach to understanding cravings and making lifestyle choices that will take your eating experience to a new level.
Let two-time cancer survivor & award-winning author of the Manual For Living help you Find True Fulfi­llment and Lasting Happiness. Receive Straightforward Wisdom And Practical Guidance to help you Overcome Obstacles and Your Fear of Death, Learn How to Fully Experience Life, Reconnect With Your Inner Truth,Discover Your True Purpose. Learn How To Accept Pain But Release Suffering,Take Responsibility And Empower Yourself To Choose, And Exploit Your True Passion. What Are You Waiting For? There is no quick fix to life, no magic pill that will resolve your issues or fulfill your dreams. Transformation requires an ongoing commitment to growth and greatness. Do you want to change your life? Start RIGHT NOW. Don't wait until tomorrow, next week or next year to make the changes that will improve yourquality of life and allow you to find a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing. I invite you to consciously create your existence from a place of empowerment and freedom. You are here, in this life for a reason. You have a unique path and purpose that nobody else can fulfill for you. Your job is to discover what that is, and to live it in every waking moment. Remember - whatever it takes - your dreams are worth it. YOU ARE WORTH IT!
Padma Aon
Recorded: May 07, 2012 at 01:00 pm EDT
As babies, we are born in innocence and unlimited potential. Negative patterning began in our mothers womb, with emotions passed on to us from our parents and their ancestors, creating most of our problems today. Coupled with a traumatic birth experience, a whole series of emotions, behaviours and beliefs have come to subtly yet powerfully dominate our lives. Until today. Welcome to The Process. The Process is a unique and potent combination of high vibrational chi energy, body mind opening and divine consciousness. Learn how to harness the power of your soul, where your connection to Source lies: this is where all true, permanent healing happens. Learn how to systematically move new, high frequency and pure soul energy through all levels of your being, releasing limiting beliefs, painful memories and unexpressed emotions. It feels very good! The Process comprises of a nine week program that moves through the deeply held emotions in the brain, and the blocks in your sexuality that disconnect your sexual energy from love and Source. The Process synthesises and combines Key Tools from many sacred traditions to make your Process as fast and deep as possible. Be prepared to enter a totally new and divine space of consciousness at the centre of your pure soul. The Process works through a union of Energy Transmission, Guided Meditation, chi or Pranic Openings and deep emotional alignments to your soul. The mind is harnessed through deep and specific self inquiry to align with the power of your desire. Desire is the fuel for your soul, and connection to Source. If you are dedicated to your souls growth, the Process will work wonders for you.
We all have an inner voice of insight and wisdom deep within us - but usually we're out of touch with this guiding voice and creative power - we're so busy thinking that we never stop to listen. In this class John introduces his unique WizeWell Focus Phrase Process that directly and often impressively wakes up the creative muse and brings deep insights flowing to the surface. This class summarizes the first 12 Focus Phrases of the WizeWell Process. John will spend a few minutes with each Focus Phrase, so that you learn it by heart, and also have time to be quiet and look inward in the direction the Focus Phrase aims your attention. You can return and watch this Focus Phrase class over and over, and go deeper every time. NOTE: the accompanying video moves through all 24 Focus Phrases, so you have a full overview of the WizeWell adt-work program. The second 12 Focus Phrases deal with interpersonal at-work relating, and creativity-manifestation-success guidance and support. For more information and programs, please visit: www.breatherbreak.com
Michael Paul Stephens
Recorded: May 02, 2012 at 09:00 pm EDT
Do you want to know who you are? Do you want to understand how the universe really works? Would you like to explore the way in which you create your own birth on Earth? In this one-hour introduction to the work of Michael Paul Stephens and his stunning channeled eBook, "Equanimous" you will discover a powerful new paradigm through which to view your place in the universe. "Equanimous: An Introduction" is not a lecture. It is experiential learning. Please follow the program carefully, answer the questions and practice what you are asked to get the full experience and transformative effect of this remarkable introduction to your new reality.
Life is only as good as it feels ...but the emotional quality of our lives seems to be steadily deteriorating because of too much hurrying and worrying. Stress is killing us - and even though we train our intellectual minds, most of us grow up with almost zero emotional guidance, We simply don't know how to manage our minds so as to optimize our emotional experience. What can you do to take charge of your mood swings, actively break free from impatience, anxiety, depression and fatigue, and truly enjoy each new moment? After reviewing the 'quiet your mind' process learned in the first class, this second WizeWell class will teach you 4 new Focus Phrases that aim your attention inward and stimulate deep healing and integration. John will talk about each of the four areas of attitudinal and emotional growth represented by the Emotional Wellbeing Focus Phrases, and help you to use your own power of attention to stimulate inner healing and awakening. And of course there will be group discussion so that everyone who wants to, can express their thoughts and experiences related to this process. For more info, visit: www.breatherbreak.com
We all have a choice as to how we approach the challenges in our lives, whether it's gastroparesis or something else. In this live class, Crystal will discuss how she went from an ill, jobless, depressed newlywed in a rocky relationship to a successful author and health counselor with a happy marriage and baby on the way (all while her challenge -- a gastroparesis diagnosis -- remained the same). More importantly, Crystal will share the most important steps you can take toward making a change in your own life regardless of the challenges you're facing.
Even though we yearn for more joy and peace in our lives, most of us fixate overmuch on chronic worries and upsetting thoughts that make us feel anxious, unsatisfied, depressed and moody. Recent research based on ancient meditative insights has revealed a new short-form approach to shifting our experience into a brighter, more creative and compassionate mood. Working with several colleagues, Psychologist John Selby, author of "Quiet Your Mind," "Seven Masters, One Path," and "Wisdom, Wellness, & Redefining Work," has recently developed the WizeWell Process for quickly and enjoyably quieting the flow of negative thoughts through your mind, so that you regain your inner center, recover from stress and fatigue, and wake up to your higher potential. In this series of 6 online classes, John will step by step teach you his full method for regaining the present moment and re-activating your full potential. Both at work and at home, you can apply this WizeWell Process whenever needed to brighten your mood, improve your health, boost your performance - and bring more joy and peace to the world. In John's words, "After many years of leading in-person seminars and intensive workshops, I want to explore the potential of these online interactive classes for meditative teaching and experiential sharing. So in these classes, we're going to discover to what extent we can actually experience each other's presence in the group, through focusing our attention together in special directions. "We're going to explore a set of new Focus Phrases that my colleagues and I have been developing for the last decade. Where we focus our attention determines everything that happens in our lives. These coming classes will explore the power of Focus Phrases to aim our attention inward toward what seem to be the core shared spiritual experiences that make us truly human. "At this point in my life, as a psychologist I find these Focus Phrases the most powerful cognitive tools for breaking free from habitual negative mindsets and moods, and releasing our potential for fulfilling our life purpose - and for enjoying each moment of the rest of our lives. I look forward to meeting you online, and exploring this new electronic medium for coming together." For more, visit: www.breatherbreak.com
Are your presentations too boring? Maybe you need more stories and examples. After surveying hundreds of presenters-- the number one concern they have is BEING MORE ENGAGING. Neuroscience studies show that as soon as a speaker starts to tell a story, people’s brains light up. Storytelling is one of the few human traits that is truly universal across culture and through all known history. It was the way most information was conveyed between people before the printing press…so for tens of thousands of years. By the end of this session you should have the outline of a new story and an easy process for creating more new stories whenever you need. Discover: • your storytelling strengths and weaknesses • where to find or create great stories • the do's and don'ts of good storytelling • how to use a unique story writing template There will be no replay link. You need to attend on the day to access this class. We may be doing the class again, but it is not scheduled yet.
“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.” That sage perspective comes from the Father of Modern Physics, Albert Einstein, and offers a practical explanation as to why we need to shift our thinking. The reality is that anyone and anything that has made an impact or left an undeniable imprint refused to be common. Financial markets are shifting all over the world, industries are being forced to adapt to the “New Normal,” management philosophies are being re-examined for relevancy and organizations are being forced to reset, reignite and shift. At the end of the session you will be able to do the following: See Differently and create the future instead of having it created for you Lead Brilliantly in all facets of your life Think Confidently and make a difference
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