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Beryl will show how, by slowly learning to pay attention, we all can begin to quiet our noisy brain. Through the practice of breathing and meditation we will learn to see more clearly, turn on the relaxation response, deal with our high stress culture, and ultimately become more happy, healthy, calm, content and conscious.
In this 60 minute session, Beth guides you into an intimate conversation with your own inner compass, that wise place within you that clearly guides and empowers you to discern and choose what is uniquely right for you. In an imaginative creative space, you will access a personal message & symbol, then bring that into greater presence & integration through an intentionally designed Art Ritual®. You will be creating your art, but artistic experience is not required. You can do this! Intimate connection with your own inner knowing, your presence and intuitive creative space, provides the inner earth upon which clarity, depth, inspiration, personal sanctification and authentic expression may blossom. This session is an Art Ritual® in appetizer size. :-) You receive your personal imagery to begin your art piece and we continue receiving more in depth healing & imagery in Your Inner Compass Part 2. *IMPORTANT*: The instructional videos are now found in the assigned 'Learning Materials'. Watched those when instructed. The art piece calls for simple, easily accessible art supplies. You may even already have what is needed. Please feel free to come to the session even if you don't have your art supplies yet. All are welcome! The supplies I suggest for this session are: *set of 50 crayola markers *pencil, pen & eraser *heavyweight paper such as bristol board, heavy watercolor paper or poster board. (8.5x11 inches or a little larger ) *metallic gel pens in silver & gold *journal *your imagination You are welcome to use any additional art materials that you love (stickers, glitter, photos...) Looking forward! Much Joy, Beth
Kari Berit
Health & Wellness
Recorded: Feb 25, 2012 at 04:45 pm EDT
We love her so much, but that doesn’t mean we want to be a carbon copy of her. Maybe we’d like to make some different choices, keep changing and challenging ourselves, not “let ourselves go.” The rest of our lives could be a long time—how to make the best of those years? We want to go on being strong, vibrant, attractive women.
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Brian Alman
Health & Wellness > Mental Health
Recorded: Feb 25, 2012 at 04:00 pm EDT
Imagine yourself listening to your deepest inner voice. This is not only possible, but inevitable. 1st things 1st -- become aware, accepting & let go of all your unconscious (inner) blocks). That's simple when you learn how to. Moments or minutes -- whatever it takes-- to transcend, by doing the work, -- physically, emotionally & mentally. Watch your intuition -- inner voice -- intuition -- inner wisdom come through for you.
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Are you a little bored of the same old messages about food and nutrition? Have you noticed that our collective approach to eating, weight and health isn't working? Have you been confused by the endless amount of nutritional systems put forward by the experts that all say something different? Have you been looking for a way to take your health and metabolism to the next great place without the struggle and the fight? Join Marc David, Nutritional Psychologist, author and Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating for a fascinating class on the Secrets of Mind Body Nutrition. Learn easy-to-practice tools and techniques that you can use with yourself, your clients, and your loved ones to truly enhance your nutritional metabolism and positively transform your relationship with food. For far too long, the collective conversation around nutrition has focused on outdated science - a preoccupation with good foods and bad ones, and an approach to the body devoid of subtlety, energetics, emotion, and the impact of the psyche on physiology. It's time for a new vision of nutrition. You'll discover how what we eat is only half the story of good nutrition. The other half is who we are as eaters. That is, how we think, feel, believe, and show up in the world dramatically impacts digestion, assimilation, and calorie burning capacity. It's time for a fresh and inspiring conversation when it comes to eating. We'll call upon the wisdom of clinical nutrition, mind body science, functional medicine positive psychology, and the traditions of Yoga, Buddhism and timeless spiritual teachings to find a new way to nourish ourselves. This course promises to open up some surprising new possibilities for your nutritional health, and personal empowerment.
A great way to end your week and begin your weekend is to awaken your body, mind and heart through a series of powerful, playful movements and breathing exercises that shake up stagnant energies. Guided by Hemalayaa, these yoga and Indian dance inspired movements will help you find a sense of inner freedom, and an expression of wholeness that genuinely allows you to embrace yourself from the inside out.
Fitness expert and co-founder of FitBottomedGirls.com, Jennipher Walters will share six common fitness and nutrition myths that are holding women back from reaching their wellness and weight-loss goals.
Join internationally acclaimed award-winning author and chef, Mark Reinfeld, co-founder of Vegan Fusion and Blossoming Lotus, as he reveals the techniques & secrets to create vibrant delicious healthy cuisine for you and your family.
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“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.” That sage perspective comes from the Father of Modern Physics, Albert Einstein, and offers a practical explanation as to why we need to shift our thinking. The reality is that anyone and anything that has made an impact or left an undeniable imprint refused to be common. Financial markets are shifting all over the world, industries are being forced to adapt to the “New Normal,” management philosophies are being re-examined for relevancy and organizations are being forced to reset, reignite and shift. Best practices must move over and give way to what are the best ideas. If you practice the way everyone else practices that doesn’t mean you are going to get the same results. You deny yourself and your business from discovering how to fail forward. In one of Simon’s favorite programs, you will be invited to open your minds, roll up your sleeves, and engage your mind. You will be immersed into exercises that will become your action plan to ensure that the learning conversation lives on.
Radical change is often promised, manifestation and attraction are popular topics, but is radical change as easy as it sounds? What are the real risks, limitations and fears that you will likely face? What does a seasoned life-risk taker and major change agent know that you don't? What is the truth behind the promise of a better life or an enlightened way of being? Join author, teacher and healer Jonathan Ellerby PhD to explore the deep truth about radical change and personal awakening. Jonathan has coached people of all walks of life, from the rich and famous, to daily heros like mom's and dad's, nurses and teachers. More importantly, he has created massive change in his own life, and most recently gave up a growing career and established life in the United States to pursue a new life and career step in the tropical Riviera Maya of Mexico. Based on his new book, THE PROMISE OF PARADISE: LIFE LESSONS FROM THE TROPICS, Jonathan will share his own funny and touching stories of change as well as the keys to facing the most difficult aspects of the journey.
Learn how to boost mental and physical performance on a plant-based nutrition program. Topics will include: - High net gain nutrition: what it is and how you can benefits from it - Biological debt: what it is, why it's rampant in North america, and how to ensure you're not a victim - Boost energy holistically, without stimulants - Enhance sleep quality (and therefore reduce amount of sleep needed to function at your best) - Reduce recovery time needed between workout and therefore improve athletic performance - Building a biologically younger body: how you can do it - Alkaline-forming nutrition: How you can ensure what you eat will enhance your body's efficiency and conserve energy with every move - How to enhance mental clarity and improve focus and productivity