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Learn the secret history, lineages, mantras and yogic practices of the Siddhas, the "Perfected Ones," who achieved enlightenment through the very ancient Path of Shaivism. The Siddhas and their Shaivite Path are part of the Left Hand Path that coalesced out of the Worldwide Bull Cult that followed the "Garden of Eden" era. The Siddhas Babaji, Agastya, Bogarnath, Patanjali, Goraknath, Bhagavan Nityananda, Paramahamsa Yogananda, and Paramahamsa Muktananda are just a few of the Siddhas that will be presented. This class will be taught by Mark Amaru Pinkham, Director of the School of Shaivism and a practitioner of the Siddha Path for over 40 years.
Join me in this live, interactive discussion and I'll share tips and strategies for effective spirit communication. I'll also leave time for Q & A to answer your questions!
In this class we will discuss different excercises to connect to energy better, how to see subtle light energy, how to be a responsable medium, how to handle skeptics, how to turn it into a fulltime career,and much more. I will also take plenty of time to answer your mediumship and spiritual development questions.
Are you feeling there is something more to this life and hearing an inner calling? Are you feeling a deeper connection to your inner voice and hearing an inner calling to step out and really make a difference in your own life and for the world? Do you feel like you have hit a plateau and just can't seem to move forward? Join us for this webinar, and learn about amazing Ancient Healings and Teachings that unlock our potential and accelerate us forward on our path of progression. These beautiful tools connect us deeper to our divine purpose, our divine blueprint, opening our gifts even further, and moving us forward.
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Our 4th seminar is about the 3rd Ray / Red-Orange Ray of Creativity and some of its Goddesses: Shakti Hindu); Bridget (Ireland); Sekhmet (Egypt); Ix Chel (Mayan) � Others may be added. Plus...1) Q's & A's, 2) A Discussion About Creative Expression 3) Exercises To Assist you to Connect with Your Own Creativity 4) Invocation to the 3nd Ray Goddesses and 5) a Guided Meditation to Connect with them. Facilitated by Seven Ray Initiates Andrea Mikana-Pinkham and Melody Heart, longtime teachers of the Goddess Tradition. https://www.sevenrayorder.com/the-sisterhood-of-sophia BECOME A PRIESTESS OF SOPHIA: For those women who would like to become a Priestess of Sophia, we will offer that auspicious opportunity during our 9th seminar in 2018. As a Priestess you will be grounded in Her energies, as well as that of the Seven Rays and Their various Goddesses. You will then be a representative of Sophia, the Lady of the Seven Rays, on Earth.
As we walk the path of spirituality, we begin to know ourselves on a deeper level, and there comes a time when we have a choice to connect, receive, and integrate with our Higher Nature. This is a part of us that is beyond our human experience, our personality, and our ego selves. It is a vast awareness, intelligent and conscious. It has a much broader, wiser, and timeless perspective. It is you, and yet so much more than you might imagine. It is your Divinity, and it is calling for you. When you answer that call, your Higher Nature or as some call it, Higher Self, brings you valuable guidance, learning and growth. It leads you on the journey within, discovering your identity as a being of light, a ray of the Divine. Your Higher Self is your unconditional best friend, and is always awaiting the chance for union with you. This session leads you within via the powerful process of hypnosis, accessing the deeper parts of your mind, where the connection to Spirit awaits. Embedded suggestions condition your mind to return again and again to the truth of your nature. Using this process as a practice will deepen your path and connection to this inner reality. Give yourself this experience for the upcoming Valentine's Day, answer the call of your Soul and fall in love with yourself! When you are aligned with your Higher Awareness, your life will never be the same!
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Join us for this half-hour FREE introduction to the history, rites and teachings of the very ancient Order and Mystery School of the Seven Rays and its branch, The Sisterhood of Sophia.
Our 3rd teleseminar is about the 2nd Ray / the Yellow/Gold Ray of Divine Wisdom & The Divine Mind and some of its Goddesses: Sophia (Greece); Maat and Wadjet (Egypt); Mary Magdalene (Israel); Chokhmah (Jewish Kabbalah), Plus...1) Q's & A's, 2) Exercises To Assist you to Connect with Your Own Divine (Inner) Wisdom 3) A Discussion About Discernment 4) Invocation to the 2nd Ray Goddesses and 5) a Guided Meditation to Connect with them. Facilitated by Seven Ray Initiates Andrea Mikana-Pinkham and Melody Heart, longtime teachers of the Goddess Tradition.
This class is a 2-part, progressive series , that will foster expanded awareness of your intuitive self, and guide you through mediumship development. Series 1: -Working with the subconscious mind, to eliminate barriers of fear. -Understanding the essence of self, at it's core. -Expanding into timeless self awareness. -Overview of the basics of spirit communication Series 2 -Establishing structure in the communication process -Recognizing spirit's presence -Communication Strategies with spirit -Validation As always, in each class I encourage everyone to be as interactive as possible, and have your questions ready!
This is a class for those interested in awakening their psychic strengths, their intuition and eventually communicating with the Spirit world whether your goal is to be in communion with your higher self or become a practicing psychic medium. This class is recommended for beginners or those who wish to revisit their techniques and deepen their connection to Spirit. In this course, we will learn the different types of spirit communication, how to discover your strengths, etc... - no prior mediumship experience is necessary: how to reactivate and differentiate our intuitive senses vs. the mind's constant chatter, how intention, beliefs and perception are important, how to open out awareness to subtle energy and frequencies and how to trust our intuition and feelings when tuning in to the consciousness of a passed loved one.
Kari and I will bring you an evening with Prime Source Energy where you can ask you questions of source and get some great insights. I am told tonight that I have to put this event on for April so here it is!!
Shiny Night Live will channel source energy and you will be able to ask questions through Kari Mena and Alison Allan Will be the channel for source energy.