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In this class, you will learn how to access your clairvoyance and mediumship abilities. You'll receive a complimentary digital version of my psychic development book, Take the Leap: What It Really Means to Be Psychic.
A one hour fully guided healing meditation to uplift the mind, spirit and body for the week ahead.
At times we have an unbearable longing to go home, and we realize it means another planet or dimension. No, you are not crazy: you are remembering our ancient origins and the reality (not the myth) of Lemuria and Atlantis. Learn what really happened in our ancient past, how we are connected to it, and what we can do to claim home here, where we chose to be, as part of a group of interstellar beings who created a new planet of equality and opportunity. And then lost it to the cataclysm.
Jamie Butler
Spirituality > Other
Ended: Jul 19, 2017 at 05:00 pm EST
Private mediumship support group
Explore the 3 basic processes that are needed to create a whole and healthy connection to your soul. These basic processes, when in alignment with your heart's desire, will bring peace, love, health and well-being into your life. Changes are subtle and so many times unacknowledged. In this class you will learn basic steps to map out your project for a healthy, well balanced life, and introduce you to the next level of support. Our desire is to help on your soul's journey for divine health and well-being. Master Buddha has always shared with us that simplicity is important to live a healthy and balanced life. He has channeled two messages through me and he is a part of my Council of Light. He has been instrumental in boiling down the information into the 3 Cs. He will share a message for us during the class.
Come join Raven Many Voices and celebrate our Mother Earth.  Learn how to connect with nature in a deep meaningful way each day to reduce stress, improve health and re-connect yourself to our big Mother Planet. Discover easy tools for grounding, manifesting and communicating with your Earth family. Celebrate Earth Day with Mother Earth and get that comforting hug your need from Spirit!
Spirit guides or Guardian Angels are energetic beings that help guide us through life. Everyone has them. They know what we want, what our life's purpose is, and the challenges we face everyday. Constantly watching over us, they help direct us to where we want to be but more importantly where we are supposed to be. Everyone receives messages from their guides. Even if they don't think they are, I'd debate they are. They direct us with subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, nudges. These can be nagging feelings or gut instincts. By working with your guides, you can increase your intuition and they can help direct you towards your life purpose. Join me in the interactive session and get in touch with YOUR guides.
Do you feel like you lack direction or that your life is going in circles? Do you have a hard time making decisions or second guess yourself? Do you find yourself repeating past mistakes and past circumstances? Do you find yourself partaking in activities not because you want to but because you feel you have to? If you have or do experience any of these, this workshop may be for you! The above are signs you are not living your purpose. When you are not living within you purpose, you are not centered. What is centering? While commonly overlooked and lumped in with grounding and protection, centering is probably the most important energy basic to learn. Centering is important because it brings balance. When centered you to stand in your personal power, experience the reality or truth of a situation as well as leave behind past hurts and grow beyond the limiting agreements you have made for yourself. In this workshop, we will be practicing techniques that will help you center yourself!
Jamie Butler
Recorded: Mar 03, 2017 at 12:00 pm EST
Do you already know the basics? Get ready for Jamie's fun and informative intermediate mediumship class! Once the basics are in place this two-part class will start to get you into the world of spirit communication. She will share with you how Aromatherapy, Crystals, Sound, Movement and Color can enhance your health, balance your emotions, and strengthen your connection to the beyond. Gain more clarity on how you perceive different signs and messages. Discover the art of mono-tasking and caring less as this will help you communicate to spirit easier. Who can take the class? This class is designed for anyone of any age who already has a good understanding of the chakra system, energy, and who can clean their own energy as well as their private space, and go a bit deeper into receiving messages from the 'Home'. All students in the class will receive a spiritual swag bag with class items including aromatherapy mixes handmade made by Jamie! This four hour class will be divided into two sessions of two hours each. The price includes both classes. Please note that Jamie will sign on to Learn it Live 30 minutes before the start of class and stay on 30 additional minutes after class ends to take class questions and chat with the group. After this class is live, it will be recorded and students will be able to watch as many times as they would like!
Kimberly Ray
Recorded: Feb 19, 2017 at 03:00 pm EST
Join Me as I discuss key tips to raise your vibration, to expand your awareness as you come into true consciousness. The send half of the webinar will be open channeling, and I'll channel my guides, or your loved ones to answer your questions, and provide guidance.
Raine Grant
Spirituality > Shamanism
Recorded: Feb 19, 2017 at 03:00 pm EST
Shamanism is an art practiced all across the globe, but very few people know what we really do. I will be exposing what kind of medicine we use and the practices we employ. I will be teaching you about Shamanism from the inside out. You will learn about the magic and the rituals that have been lost and is now being reintroduced to the Western World and the World at large.
Everyone is intuitive. Unfortunately, many of us don't recognize our intuition and end up tapping into it without realizing it. This can be good. For example, when the little voice in your head helps guide you in the right direction and suddenly you find something you've been searching for ages for. It can also be bad when we pick up energies that don't serve us. For example, you have probably encountered an individual who was miserable and after talking with them for a long (or sometimes brief) time, you walk away drained and miserable yourself. That's when being intuitive isn't good. Fortunately, there are things you can do! In this workshop, we will talk about how to protect your energy from the negative or unwanted influences of those around you. We'll talk simple tools such as crystals, amulets, and visualizations that can be done every day to keep your energy the highest.
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