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This will be a 20 to 30 minute meditation on meeting your Angels. Find out why they are with you and how they are here to help. Learn their names or signature and how to call on them.
This is a meditation to meet your Spirit Guides and to get messages from them.
This will be a group mediation on raising your vibration to the 5th dimension of consciousness.
This will be a 1 hour class on taking a journey to meet your Dragon guide. We all have animal guides, but did you know you also have a dragon? Come join this group and meet your Dragon guide. I will be taking you on a guided meditation to meet and interact with your Dragon as well as receive messages from your dragon.
This is a one hour group on Past lives and how they can affect your current lifetime. How to view them and to clear away the parts that are no longer serving you. Then we will do a short past life regression in the group.