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There are many levels to healing the human body. First, we have the physical body; this can be healed through food, diet and lifestyle behaviors (exercise). But, illness and discomfort may always return unless we go a bit deeper and get to the emotional and spiritual body as well. Learn how to support all facets of your human existence - from the external body to the internal body to the ethereal body.
Did you know connecting to the seasons and eating what nature provides abundantly helps heal the body and keep us balanced? Join Natural Food Chef and Holistic Health Coach Andrea Beaman as she teaches us how eating seasonally helps heal the body and keeps us balanced. Using "seasonal" ingredients, you can enhance immunity and cook for specific conditions such as colds in the winter. Andrea will prepare a delicious meal that is in season and full of great fall flavors!
It is estimated that 80% of adult individuals suffer from adrenal fatigue at some point in their life and an estimated 27 million in the US alone have Thyroid disease. It is time to take control of these illnesses! Andrea is here to share with you in a 75 minutes class the steps she took to successfully cure herself of adrenal deficiency, how she healed her own debilitating thyroid disease and how you can too! Join Andrea Beaman in this live class and learn how to reclaim your energy, naturally balance your thyroid and lead a healthy life!
Andrea Beaman
Health & Wellness > Nutrition
Recorded: Mar 14, 2012 at 09:00 pm EDT
Fed up with dieting? There is no need to ever count calories, fat grams, or weigh portions again. Achieving your ideal weight can be effortless as a result of living and eating in a health-promoting way. Learn how to get the nutrients your body needs, reduce/eliminate cravings, and feel great in your body, naturally. Join Andrea Beaman in this entertaining and educational seminar that can help get your beautiful head (and body) out of a dieting mindset and into a delicious reality.
Learn how the energy of our food directly impacts health and mood, and why so many “healthy” eaters often feel run down, sick and tired. Discover simple tips for energizing and fully nourishing your body with delicious, nutritious foods in keeping with the cycles of nature.
Learn how to strengthen your bones with every bowlful of Andrea's Hearty Winter Minestrone! Winter soups and stews are the perfect meals for the season where you will receive a host of beneficial bone-building nutrients! Join me as I create this easy and delicious recipe for you to enjoy!