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A diagnosis of diabetes does not have to mean banishment to cuisine hell. In fact you will find that the range of fresh, whole foods increases once you decide to change your eating habits. Join me, Delia Quigley, on an exploration of the bounty of delicious foods you can easily prepare. This session will include preparation tips, and a 5-Day menu plan with recipes that will help transition you to a healing whole foods diet.
Mindfulness, a simple practice with so many benefits.Studies show improved immune system, stress reduction, increased performance, productivity and decision-making. Learn the science behind it, why so many are getting involved and how to introduce it into your daily life.
In this 30min session learn how diet impacts the course of many chronic conditions including diabetes.
Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old system of medicine from India. In Ayurveda we use diet, lifestyle, spices and herbs to treat, and in many cases, reverse the course of type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes can also be helped by Ayurvedic wisdom. Learn about this holistic time honored approach to creating health and vitality.
The participants will be exposed to Nutrition Fact Labels, the exchange food system, and the plate method. By learning about carbohydrate counting, participants will be able to control carbohydrate intake during their meals.
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The symposium will be a blend of diabetes prevention or management using diet and exercise, as well as, the considerations to take when exercising with diabetes.
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This presentation will shed light on how our mind/mental state/mindset can drive us to eating what causes us to develop diabetes (or lack of motivation to be active), how our mind affects everything in our body from pain, to metabolism, to weight gain/loss, and diseases like diabetes.
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Is your diet as optimal as it can be? Are your daily habits good for you in the long run? Do you feel like can never achieve the goals you set for yourself and that maybe you and your own mind might be getting in the way? In this session, Learn from Laura Lewis, BS, C.Ht, creator of The HypNutrition approach, teaches you how to take back control of your life by using optimal nutritional strategies, conscious LifeFit choices and powerful creative visualization techniques.
Dealing with an energy limiting chronic illness can be overwhelming, we all want to live the best life we can but just how do we get there? Discover the 8 Steps you can take to a more relaxed, balanced fulfilling life. A life where you are in control rather than your illness controlling you!
This course will go over the benefits of exercising for the heart and steps you can do to improve your health today! This course will also talk about the nutritional aspect that goes along with improving your health.
In this presentation, Ashleigh will discuss the key causes of obesity and diabetes, along with simple and effective training and nutrition strategies you can implement immediately.
Loser of 100lbs and former Type 2 diabetic Theresa Fowler, author of Feel Like Sh*t? How to Stop BEING Fat, shares her story and the three simple steps you need to follow in order to beat diabetes for good.
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