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Gk Pro course from The Genomic Kitchen for Nutrition and Health Experts
Amanda Archibald
Culinary Nutrition
Recorded: Mar 24, 2016 at 05:00 pm EST
Culinary Genomics represents a new frontier, fusing nutrition science, genomic medicine and the culinary arts. In this four part series, designed as a primer, we'll introduce you to the field of genomics, its relationship to nutrition science, and the evidence-based science that supports nutrition intervention. Then we'll step into the virtual kitchen to illustrate how recipes and meal plans can be adapted using ingredients with demonstrated nutrigenomic activity. This short course will focus on the future impact and potential of genomics and the culinary arts for nutrition, medical, health and culinary professionals. Presented by: Joe Veltmann, PhD, Roberta Kline, MD and Amanda Archibald, RD