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Business schools do a good job teaching how to manage but do a lousy job teaching how to lead. Managers often avoid giving feedback and employees often resist receiving it. Managers are poor at giving useful feedback and there is good reason. Employees often avoid it to prevent being criticized and to protect their reputations. Employees often prefer to stay in denial than to hear the truth and to change. It is often safer to pretend you are a good performer than to admit you need help. This "feedback disability" most often reveals itself in the annual performance appraisal which remains the most popular management tool. Employees need frequent and regular feedback to be fully engaged and this might explain why the percentage of engaged employees remains stagnant in the high 20's (Gallup 2012). Engaged employees are twice as productive as disengaged employees (The Temkin Group 2013). Furthermore, this "feedback disability" creates dysfunction that contributes to the organization's inability to effectively and efficiently achieving its strategic objectives and serve customers. Fearless Feedback is a leadership model and set of tools that enable organizations to correct this disability. The Fearless Feedback tools and techniques can help anyone to improve the work environment so people take responsibility for their own development and willingly improve the quality of their interactions. Fearless Feedback results in higher quality communication between individuals and departments. It enables everyone to hear you without the fear of criticism. Fearless Feedback ultimately results in superior quality improvement of an organization's products and services. In this step-by-step presentation, participants will learn:  - A leadership model and tools that enable anyone to improve their ability to facilitate the most effective performance discussions - Why and how our leadership must evolve to address these enormous economic and human resource challenges - How to start the evolution for yourself and your co-workers - Two Tools that can begin to create a workplace environment that results in Fearless Feedback - What you can do now to adopt the Fearless Feedback model and incorporate it into your typical performance appraisal.