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This class is an introduction to Healing For The Sensitive Soul which is an ongoing monthly group healing class. This class is designed for the Highly Sensitive Person, the Empath, and if you are feeling overwhelmed by life in general. During the Healing For The Sensitive Soul group healing class, Belinda Womack will provide a clear channeled message from the 12 Archangels and your Spiritual Team of Helpers followed by a powerful healing that will allow you to release any struggle, discomfort, and fear from this and past life times. Sylvia Henderson will connect with the 5th Dimensional Beings of Light and your Higher Self to clear away limiting beliefs, self-sabotage programs, and old karmic energies. Together Belinda and Sylvia will allow you to release fear, worry, anxiety and overwhelms from your energy fields, your chakras, the cells of your body, and your ancestral DNA. Belinda and Sylvia know that your heart is calling you to help others and you are a valuable precious gift here on the planet. And, your Sensitive Soul deserves all the loving support that the Angels and 5th Dimensional Beings of Light have to offer. Please join Belinda and Sylvia for this supportive teaching and healing for the Sensitive Soul.
Connect with your body. With your emotions. With your thoughts/beliefs. With your environment. With your spirit/intuition/higher self. Learn about all the amazing layers that make you YOU, so you can live a confident, connected, vibrant life.
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Jissel Ravelo
Personal Development..
Ended: Jun 05, 2016 at 12:00 pm EST
The energy behind your thoughts is what we refer to as our emotion (energy-in- motion). Understanding emotion is a crucial part in your path to growth. Join this class to gain insight and clarification to better understand yourself and those around you.
Cathleen Kelly
Health & Wellness
Recorded: Apr 16, 2016 at 04:30 pm EST
In this class we will discuss reflexology and it's practical application as a prevention and self-help tool.
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When life throws you a hardball, do you ever respond by checking out -- then can't get back on track? It's like part of your life force has gone missing, and it can leave you depressed, apathetic, unsure of yourself or of life, and even prone to addictions. Things like painful breakups; loss of a parent; emotional, sexual or physical abuse; an accident or surgery, or experiences of war, can lead to partial soul loss. Learn how you can recover your full life force with shamanic soul retrieval healing, and love your life again!
Danielle Gibbons
Recorded: Apr 11, 2016 at 05:30 pm EST
In celebration of our new book, "Mother Mary's Pathway to Love: Building a loving relationship with yourself that will transform your life", Mother and I would like to invite you to a series of very special events. Meditations On Love will be the foundation of our next book. Join us for these free events where love is the theme and discovery of Self the miracle. From Mother's heart to your heart, experience Her unconditional love and be a a part of something extraordinary. These events may run under or over the time as it is scheduled. Please come and go as you need. We honor your presence. Namaste
Experience the healing benefits first hand by Pamela Dussault, founder of the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and BodyWork (NCBTMB) accredited REAP Healing Method! This FREE event will introduce you to this breakthrough energy healing method and experience REMOTELY how effective this method truly is.
What do you say or think about yourself? Did you know that 80% of the average person's thoughts are limiting and negative? This type of self-sabotage is one of the main reasons why you don't get what you want, whether it's weight loss, improved health, more confidence, self-esteem, boosted energy, better sleep, a soulmate, more money, a satisfying job, bigger car, more free time or whatever it is you're after. Discover the reasons why this is not your fault and how you can overcome your struggles to create the possibilities you want. I'll reveal the secrets to your success when you join here.
Join me in a guided Healing Light Energy Meditation to raise the frequency, charge the DNA and send energy to any condition in need of healing. Feeling and channeling energy through the body in connection to the higher sources of healing through the Spiritual Consciousness.
Gay Wolff
Spirituality > Energy Work
Recorded: Feb 24, 2016 at 06:00 pm EST
An introductory workshop in creating a personal ritual practice for healing and balance. Healing Ritual is a process for going beyond the confines of our material bodies and conscious minds to clear, shift, or enhance ourselves at the levels of body, mind, and soul.
Kelly Sanders
Recorded: Feb 21, 2016 at 10:30 pm EST
In this class discover.... Tools for creating emotional awareness Learn what school of thought you are in Learn how controlling your emotions can improve your health and happiness
Spend 30 minutes de-stressing and re-centering through the rich imagery and healing words of guided meditation. This opportunity is a brief, but powerful mid-day self-care break to ready yourself for the rest of your day, bring stress levels down, and connect with the Inner Self. Adriene has been teaching mindfulness and meditation since 2009 for Penn State University staff and faculty and privately through her psycho-spritual private practice. Her meditation training and study has been through Sacred Garden Fellowship since 2008. Additional Information Testimonials can be viewed at
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