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Release overwhelm and frustration and start feeling better now. This course contains 7 of the most important and results-producing assignments that my mastermind clients have used and continue to use. We'll cover 7 assignments over 2 days. These assignments are simple actions that I use with my clients to help them get unstuck and put them on the path to becoming unstoppable. I�m going to give you step-by-step instructions on how to remove the blocks that have been stopping you and to create the change that you really want.
In this exciting inter-active class we start dreaming our way into the 2 year Sacred Art Practitioner Training at Pendle Hill in the USA! This course has a strong Mystery School aspect. Many spiritual schools of thought teach that we all co-dream the world into being. My co-teacher Susan Rossi and I now wish to take this concept one step further and invite a group of interested people to start dreaming this course into being outside time. We will be looking for the following things: what themes are coming to attention - meaning that they crop up collectively? Are there other questions and intentions we need to dream on as a group to prepare ourselves for doing top quality work at Pendle Hill from January? Here in London I do a lot of dream work with groups of students and I am blown away every time by the layers of meaning and treasure trove of inspiration our dreams offer collectively. And once we start dreaming as a group - our dreams get even more powerful! For more information, please visit: https://flyingtotheheart.com/ http://www.shaman-healer-painter.co.uk/info2.cfm?info_id=214851
Vicki Snyder
Recorded: Apr 23, 2016 at 10:30 am EDT
Grab a cup of coffee and sign on to chat with a me a medium. Take this time to ask questions about your own spirituality. Are you experiencing anything odd or different at home or work? Are you getting signs from the other side? What can you do to grow? Ask these and more. Learn how mediums and the spirit world work.
Join us in a short overview of the 7 "Clair's" of Intuition and begin practicing exercises to increase and enhance your own intuition. This introduction will be followed by a series of classes on each of the 7 common forms of Intuition, a brief explanation accessing it, followed by exercises and journaling to grow as the classes unfold. There will be scheduled time in the class for questions and answers. Each class will stand on it's own, no prerequisites. The last week, session 7 will be a wrap up and info about integrating intuition into your life, and using discernment and ethics with intuition.
This 30-minute class by Imelda Almqvist introduces key principles from her shamanic work with children and teenagers. It introduces ways of creating sacred space where young people can develop their innate spirituality and communicate with their own spirit allies, - without adults imposing a belief system, religion or intermediary. Imelda has found that young people can so arrive at a viable spiritual toolkit for life. This allows them to resolve challenges and issues in their lives from a place of higher consciousness, creativity and "thinking outside the box". Imelda's book by the same title will be published in September 2016 and she will soon be offering more classes on Learnitlive based on her innovative work with The Time Travellers, her shamanic program for children and teenagers in London , UK. Imelda is currently recording sessions for her own radio progra, called "Natural Born Shamans", on A Shamanic Life Radio in the USA, in partnership with John Carosella.
Join me as we discuss the role of spirit guides in our lives on Earth. Where they come from, who they are, why and how they communicate with us. How we can learn the skills to help strengthen our spiritual connections for better intuition, mental clarity, and healing energy to open the chakras for healing body, mind and spirit. A Spirit Guide Connection meditation is included in this session.
In this introductory workshop Gretchen will share the different types of ancestors and the value of establishing a relationship with those who have transcended to heal ourself and our lineage. Gretchen will suggest some ways to begin connecting with your ancestors and provide ideas for developing ongoing communication to support the healing of family patterns.
Dear animal lovers, have you wanted to find a way to communicate and connect with your animals to improve their health and behavior, and your relationship with them? This 30 min. introductory class for beginners will include a guided meditation for grounding and centering yourself, and activating the intuitive centers, helping you prepare for communication. You will also learn about and practice the first step in animal communication, sensing through the body. If after seeing how easy it is, you want to learn more on the topic, join me in my successive classes.
Shamanic Journeying is an ancient and powerful way to connect to sources of guidance and healing, but it's not the only way to view the world through "shaman's eyes" and experience some of the healing power of shamanic practice. This session offers some simple ways to connect to the world in a more shamanic way that can help bring balance, healing and peace into your life.
Since the beginning of time, human beings have sought information beyond their senses and insight into their futures. Ancient cultures left legends of oracles, bards, and seers who foretold the future. Divination is a tool of both ancient and contemporary mystics for gaining knowledge that is usually inaccessible. In her presentation, Shilo will discuss the Art of Throwing the Bones, a divination technique she learned in Africa from a Zulu Sangoma, and has practiced for the past eleven years.
Sharon Moore
Spirituality > Other
Recorded: Apr 10, 2016 at 09:00 pm EDT
Did your mother tell you not to look at the sun? Guess what! Sometimes mother doesn't always know best. You can look at the sun with no adverse effects while gaining many healthy benefits. Learn everything you need to know about a safe and easy sun-gazing practice that will boost your creativity and heal your body on all levels. Hear about others' experiences, how to develop a safe practice, and what benefits you can expect. Many people have found sun-gazing to be more effective than meditation for quieting your mind and connecting with source - and it's a lot quicker! Tune into this free session and get your questions answered.
Imagine if you could take something that would help you to feel happy, emotionally balanced and able to take stress in your stride. Introducing the Bach Flower Remedies. Most people know of Rescue Remedy (little brown bottle with a yellow label), but did you know that there are actually 38 individual flower remedies that can be tailored specifically to your own needs? Feeling overwhelmed? There's a remedy for that! Feeling tired and exhausted? There's a remedy for that! Feeling depressed/anxious/angry? There's a remedy for that! Join Sue Walsh, Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner and professional complementary therapist, to learn more about how these amazing little bottles can help you to feel balanced, whole and in control.
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