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Come celebrate the darkest day of the year with a Winter Solstice ceremony to invite the Dream Guides, Dragons and Spiritual Beings of Light into your life. This FREE gathering is here to help you connect with your unseen family of spirit guides as the veils between the worlds opens for new magic. Just bring yourself, an open heart and celebrate a new partnership with Spirit this Winter Solstice as we dream the new world of 2020 and the return of magic on Mother Earth. This event will be recorded so that you can connect anywhere and anytime!
Those that lived before you have a huge influence on your genes, health and family patterns. Your ancestors may be gone but their wisdom still lives inside you. Learn how ancestral healing helps to heal family patterns of lack, anxiety, health issues and self sabotage. Discover your ancestral guides and bring forward the insight you need now. It's time to heal the past so that your children's children can create the new world you are dreaming now.
Spiritual Essences are vibrational energies of gemstones, plants, animals and spirit guides placed within a liquid carrier to bring healing and connection to this beautiful spirit. Spirit essences can be added to aromatherapy products, drinking water or sprayed around your space to clear negative energies, bring clarity to your mind and help you celebrate your connection to your spirit guides. In this class learn how to create a vibrational essence of your spirit guides and how to apply this energetic healing into your life. Bring your creativity, curiosity and courage to try something new or even learn a new twist on this simple process. This class will be FREE so ask your questions during the live show or watch the recording afterwards to create your own new spiritual essence.
Come discover the clever, curious and cute medicine of Fox. Learn how this medicine helper can help you navigate social situations, protect your energy and bring the energy of fun into hunting for what you desire in life. All this and more with a guided meditation to connect to your Fox Spirit Guide helper and your questions answered live during the show (recorded too!).
Does it feel like something is holding you back no matter how much you change your life for the positive? Are family patterns preventing your forward movement? With all the focus on DNA and family history your ancestors are standing up for help in their healing. Learn how you can change family patterns and release yourself from repeating the same mistakes. Discover your Ancestral Healing guide that can assist you in healing not only yourself but your children. It's time to clear your past so you can open your future for a new beginning.
Come learn about Buffalo medicine and find the strength within to withstand any storm in life! -Meditate with the Buffalo and discover your buffalo spirit guide -Connect with the spirit of the buffalo for healing and connection to all life -Celebrate the Native American story of White Buffalo Woman -Learn to connect deeper to gratitude and abundance -And much, much more Live class with Q & A, this will be a recorded class. Come join this exciting new series with Raven Many Voices, Voices from Spirit. Each month you will be hearing from spirit guides of the Heavens above and the Earth below to help you develop your skills, trust your heart and walk with confidence on your path of life.
Come join us on the day of love and dive deeper into the mysterious energy of Kundalini, tantric and more. Kundalini is a natural energy of life that can help you to restore your body, find your partner of love and bring passion into everything you enjoy. Bring an open mind and lots of questions as we explore a topic that can be exotic and a little confusing at times. This will be a recorded class.
What can you expect in 2018? Come join Mother Mary for this holiday blessing and learn insights to start your new year with love and joy. This channeled message through Raven Many Voices has been a tradition for over 20 years around the Seattle, Washington area and is now offered to you for FREE. So enjoy this energetic hug from Divine Mother Mary and get ready for an amazing NEW YEAR!
Come join the Angels and learn how you can bring healing and light to yourself and your loved ones. Be sure to sign-up for this powerful healing course, which will include are you an Earth Angel, channeled messages from the Angels and how to use your angel wings. -Learn to access the Divine Healing Light -Connect with the Archangels -Discover your wings -Become an Earth Angel of Healing FREE Intro Class - Am I an Earth Angel? In this 30 minute class discover if you are an angel of earth here to bring healing and light to our world. Uncover your hidden angel gifts and understand how the world's pain triggers your angelic empathy to activate your healing powers. I'm so excited to offer this new series on Learn It Live! This will be a 3 part class with the introduction class for free. All classes will be recorded and available even if you miss the live class. Be sure to register for each class now and get ready to spread your angel wings.
Tired of feeling tired, spacey and unfocused? Come learn why being grounded can bring energy and clarity to everyday living. Discover the health benefits and emotional balancing from connecting to our Mother Earth. Create a new relationship with your body and live fully.
Come join Mother Mary, channeled by Raven Many Voices, as she shares her wisdom about Love and how love can change our world.  Let Mother Mary help you discover what needs healing within your heart so you can love yourself and share your love with others.
Come dance in the flames of the Phoenix and learn how you can change your life in 5 easy steps: *Learn 5 easy steps to change anything in life *Create a contract with your spiritual team to help you achieve your goals *Discover the secret of successful life changes This will be a powerful class! So grab a piece of paper, a pen and get ready to transform your life into love, excitement and FUN!
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