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Teacher Training Component for Dr. Linda Howes Certified Teachers only. When you have successfully completed this course plus the Learn It Live class "Your Soul: Path and Purposes," you will be able to teach and certify students for Your Souls Path.
Linda Howe
Spirituality > Akashic Records
Recorded: May 28, 2019 at 10:00 pm EDT
Please note that this class is pre-recorded, and Certification and support are not offered at this time. When it was offered live, this intensive class awarded a double Certification: Certified Soul's Path & Purposes Practitioner. The homework sessions/Facebook group were only offered live and were not recorded, so they will not be available to you. Now is the time; this is the life! You are the ideal person to experience, express, and enjoy the Path of Your Soul and all Its Purposes. We begin by Exploring Our Souls Path and Our Connections in the World. Shining the Five-Pointed Star of Incarnation, Authority, Discipline, Responsibility, and Commitment -- unleashing the infinite, unconditional love and light that is the very core of our being. Striking our own unique balance based on our Inner Triangle of Heart, Mind & Will, we liberate the unlimited Grace that flows through us. Lighting our Path, igniting the Love we hold in our hearts, inspiring our choices as we live in this wonderful and ordinary world! With our Path Illumined, we focus the Light on Our Souls Purposes. As we clarify the spiritual nature of our soul and its intentions, we more easily identify our personal aims in this life. Obstacles, both recent and ancient, have served their purposes, so we liberate ourselves from patterns that are limiting our success. Specific features of Akashic Success and Manifestation will be shared, along with simple but powerful strategies for ongoing, ever-evolving, always-improving Manifestation. 1. Dr. Linda Howe will be teaching eight 2-hour live sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, April 30, May 2, 7, 9, 14, 21, 23, 28. In addition, on Thursday, May 16, you will have the opportunity to learn from an Advanced Certified Teacher specially selected by Dr. Howe to teach a bonus session. This optional session gives you the chance to learn from an additional expert perspective. Note that only sessions taught by Dr. Howe will be recorded/archived and required for Certification. Session 1 Our Amazing Akashic Adventure --Overview of the Class --Expectations, Requirements, and Opportunities --Introduction to the Five-Pointed Star Session 2 The Five-Pointed Star Structuring Your Inner Reality - Part 1 --Incarnation -- You, the Optimal Agent for Your Soul and Its Purposes --Authority -- Awaken to the Power of Life --Discipline -- Developing Empowering Patterns of Behavior Session 3 The Five-Pointed Star Structuring Your Inner Reality - Part 2 --Responsibility -- Transforming Through our Soul-level Responsibilities --Commitment -- Turbo-charge Your Evolution --Grace -- Release Your infinite Inner Splendor Session 4 Expanding Your Experience of Your Soul - Part 1 --Balance Your Inner Triangle of Heart, Mind & Will --Live Your Destiny, Radiate Your Souls Light, and Magnetize Your Souls Desires --More Grace -- Shine, Shine, and Shine Forever! Session 5 Expanding Your Experience of Your Soul - Part 2 --The Compelling Power of Our Souls Purposes --The Spiritual Nature of the Soul --Identifying Your Souls Purposes --Akashic Manifesting -- What It Is and How We Get There Session 6 What Is in Your Way? Freedom from Blockages to Your Success --Obstructions to Experiencing and Expressing our Souls Purposes --#1 Obstacle -- Grievances Against the Self --Freedom from the Birth/Death Traumas Delaying Your Success Session 7 Igniting Manifestation! --Akashic Approach to Robust Manifesting --Prosperity, Abundance, and Money Through the Akashic Lens --Supercharging your Manifesting Through the Dynamic Duo of Acceptance & Service --Top 10 Clues to Your Souls Purposes --Using Your Inner Triangle of Heart, Mind & Will to Ignite Your Manifesting Session 8 Your Destiny, Your Fulfillment --Experience, Express, and Enjoy the Infinite Process --How to Make Invigorating, Illuminating Choices --Your Souls Purposes, Your Destiny, and Your Fulfillment! 2. You also have the option of attending four 90-minute live Weekly Homework Sessions with Advanced Certified Teachers, on May 4, 11, 18, and 25. Dr. Howe highly recommends these sessions, though they are not required for Certification. These sessions will not be recorded. 3. You have the option of joining a private Facebook group, exclusively for Dr. Howe, the class, and selected Advanced Certified Teachers. The group will be open from May 7 - June 14. Membership in the group is not required for Certification. 4. To receive Certification, you will need to: --View all class sessions taught by Dr. Howe, live or recorded. --Submit all homework by June 14 at 5:00 pm. CST --Meet with a different classmate weekly, via phone, Skype, etc., to share your experiences. --Read Discover Your Souls Path Through the Akashic Records: Taking Your Life from Ordinary to ExtraOrdinary, prior to the first session. --Complete a post-course evaluation form (results will be compiled by a member of Dr. Howes team, who will treat the responses as anonymous). Experience, Express, and Enjoy who you are and the life you are living! Join us!
NOTE: This class is no longer offered with a Certification option. Also, homework and bonus sessions were not recorded. Master your skills in reading the Records for yourself and others to match the deep desire in your heart to be of effective spiritual service. Two classes in one: Basic plus Advanced! Beginners and experienced in the Records are welcome. This class is perfect for international students because Linda's video presentation is done live, but the recording is available for students to view at their convenience. (Bonus sessions by Advanced Certified Teachers will not be recorded.) Times listed are in Central Time. 8 lessons from Dr. Howe and 10 optional but recommended sessions led by her Advanced Certified Teachers. (Times are Central Daylight Time.) Exchange Akashic Readings with assigned classmates if you take the class for Certification. If you choose to take the class for Certification, successfully complete class requirements (see below) to become a Certified Advanced Practitioner, and be well-prepared to start your own practice. For all who desire Soul-inspired wisdom and guidance, the adventure begins April 3. Be prepared to ignite energy healing, clear unwanted ancestral patterns, and make peace with past lives! Honor your natural inclination to succeed by learning to access the Akashic Records -- the living, vibrational archive of Souls. The Records (aka The Book of Life) have served humanity throughout our unfolding by being an extraordinary state through which we can receive Soul-level illumination at a manageable rate, and integrate it into our everyday human experience. Truly glimpses of Heaven on earth! In our era of dawning individual spiritual authority, this sacred resource is no longer reserved for saints, scholars, and mystics. Conscious, reliable access to the Records is now open to ALL, through Dr. Linda Howe's groundbreaking Pathway Prayer Process(c). This unique, exceptionally powerful Prayer enables you to access the heart, the seat of wisdom, of the Akasha. In the age of the internet, the Records can be cast as a cosmic search engine, optimizing the retrieval of exactly the information you need, presented in an atmosphere of infinite love where you come to truly know the perfection of us all at the soul level. The Records encompass what is, what was, and what could be. Explore the magnificent yet practical potential of this sacred resource. As your relationship with the Records deepens, you will learn how to unleash your latent powers, find freedom from outdated ideas, and awaken the ancient wisdom embedded in the very core of your being! Linda, a teacher since 1996, is the leading authority on using the Akashic Records for personal empowerment. This live class is based on her ground-breaking, COVR Award-winning book "How to Read the Akashic Records: Accessing the Archive of the Soul and Its Journey." She will introduce new students, and offer clarification for seasoned Practitioners, to the foundational principles and practices for empowering a connection with the Akasha. If you decide to take the class for Certification, you will be well-prepared to start your own practice. You will exchange Readings with assigned classmates, submit homework for review by your Student Advisor, view all 8 of Linda's sessions (live or recorded), and read or listen to her book "How to Read the Akashic Records." Students who do not take the class for Certification will not need to exchange Readings or fill out homework. The class meets Tuesdays, April 3 to June 5, from 7 to 9 pm Central Standard Time. The sessions will have plenty of time for YOUR questions. Plus, optional Akashic Adventurers homework Q&A reviews will be conducted on Saturdays from 1 to 2 pm CST, ending June 9, by Advanced Certified Teachers specially chosen by Linda to assist you in your journey. And there will be two optional Integration/Synthesis sessions, also taught by Advanced Certified Teachers, on May 1 and 8. Participate in meetings in real-time or watch the archives when it fits YOUR schedule. And, you will receive indefinite access to the videos for your ongoing support! Please note that PayPal offers a credit option that is very helpful for students.
The spiritual journey is many things: inspiring, encouraging, transformational, and profound. It can also be great fun, especially when shared with like-minded, like-hearted traveling companions heading in the same direction! If this nudges your spirit, consider joining a worldwide convocation of Lightworkers -- Akashic Associates 2017. We'll enjoy a special time together when we all meet, via online video, four times throughout the year. In this mutually supportive and empowering atmosphere, I look forward to answering your questions about your work in the Records and your journey in this lifetime. And, as an Associate, during the year, you'll enjoy discounts, monthly Akashic Wisdoms, and free gifts, in addition to the benefits you will receive by being added to Linda's private email list. All this for only $50 for the year! All levels of experience in the Records welcome. Join us and supercharge your spiritual growth!
NOTE that this class is no longer offered with a Certification option. We are living in times of dramatic upheaval at every level. It's time to activate your Spiritual Superpowers! Your awesome opportunity as an awakening individual is to recognize your Destiny, clarify your Soul's Intentions, and bring your Soul's Purposes to your everyday life. That's a tall order, but through the structure of this class, you can travel from awareness of your magnificent potential to effectively experiencing that potential. Unleash the infinite love, compassion, and understanding embedded in the core of your being--and live a life supercharged with meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. Make the contributions you have been holding in your heart, and make the world a better place for everyone! This is your chance to study with Dr. Linda Howe, the world's foremost authority on using the Akashic Records, the vibrational archive of all souls, for personal empowerment and transformation. This class is based on her very latest exploratory work in the Records. No prerequisites, though it is recommended that you read Dr. Howe's book "Discover Your Soul's Path Through the Akashic Records" -- Hay House; available at Amazon. You will receive indefinite access to the videos for your ongoing support! Session 1--Awaken to Your Destiny --Learn what Destiny is, why it is so compelling, and how we can achieve it --Understand Manifestation, especially Akashic Manifestation Session 2--Identify Your Soul's Purposes --Find out the nature and intention of soul's purposes --Recognize the relationship between your soul's purposes and your destiny --Gain clarity about specific soul's purposes for you in this life Session 3--Recognize and Release Obstructions --Identify patterns interfering with your ability to embrace and express your soul's purposes --Release--through acceptance--fear, shame, and confusion blocking your happiness Session 4--Making Conscious Choices Building the Bridge of your Destiny --Elements of conscious choices --Resolving reluctance to empowering decisions --Recognize effective strategies to build the bridge in your life
NOTE that this class is no longer offered with a Certification option. Become Awake, Aware, and Aligned with your Soul's purposes while successfully engaging in the everyday world! When your human and spiritual selves are fused, this encourages your authentic expression and makes it easier to bring to the world the contribution living in your heart! Shift your life from Ordinary to ExtraOrdinary and manifest your Soul's purposes. Identify and clear away obstructions to your radiance. Reveal your inner 5-pointed star and shine, just as you are meant to! This is your opportunity to work with Dr. Linda Howe, the leading expert in using the Akashic Records -- an energetic archive of the Soul and its journey, aka The Book of Life -- for personal empowerment and transformation. All levels of experience in the Records welcome! Session 1: The Shape You're In Transformational path -- from Ordinary to ExtraOrdinary Incarnation -- You, the ideal agent for your Soul's purposes Session 2: Awakening to Your Power Authority -- Align with, and access, the primary power of life. Awaken your spiritual authority. Discipline -- Develop appropriate structures, harnessing and maximizing the life force. Session 3: Transformation Responsibility -- Allow yourself to be transformed by soul-level responsibilities. Commitment -- Turbo-charge your path. Grace -- Release your infinite inner splendor. Session 4: Manifesting Your Soul's Desires and Living Your Destiny Balance Your Inner Triangle: Heart and Mind, move over! Here comes Will, the missing piece of the puzzle. Live your destiny Radiate your Soul's Light, Magnetize your Soul's desires. More Grace. Release your inner glory and Shine, Shine, Shine!
This is a private training for Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies Advanced Certified Teachers.
NOTE that this class is no longer offered with a Certification option. You deserve the best life has to offer! Allow your Soul to take the lead in your life--guiding, directing and inspiring you to fulfill your destiny! Your personal healing and empowerment are the focus of this four-session class, based on leading expert Dr. Linda Howe's book Healing Through the Akashic Records. The Records, an energetic archive of the Soul and its journey, are governed by the principles of "judge not, fear not, resist not." They provide a safe, ideal environment for our spiritual healing, a surprisingly practical process that involves clarifying your difficulties, gaining insights into them, and arriving at real-world solutions for your everyday life. This is your opportunity to transform your relationship with wounding life experiences, find freedom from limiting patterns, and rise above difficulties by igniting your Ascension Matrix! All levels of experience in the Records welcome! Session #1 - Spiritual Healing - Perspectives and Possibilities - How spiritual healing works - Transformation - Here and Now! - Shift ordinary wounds into sacred opportunities Session #2 - Unconditional Self-Love as Spiritual Practice - You! Your Soul's first and best choice - Activate simple and effective inspiration for everyday life - Ignite your heart's desires Session #3 - Relationships with others - Path of Peace - Move from resentment to acceptance - Unleash unconditional love - Gain freedom from limiting patterns Session #4 - Activating your Ascension Matrix: Gratitude, Grace, and Generosity - Rise above victimization to empowerment - Activating your Ascension Matrix, rise above difficulties - Get ready, accelerate, and blast off!
NOTE that this class is no longer offered with a Certification option. Join us as we dive deep into spiritual awareness, for our own growth and to accelerate transformation in others! This Advanced Class prepares you to ignite energy healing, clear unwanted ancestral patterns, and reconcile past lives. You will learn how to unleash your latent powers, find freedom from outdated ideas, and awaken the ancient wisdom embedded in the very core of your being. Refine your Practitioner skills so that you can effectively serve more people with ease and grace. Become an Akashic Reader with a stellar reputation and thriving clients -- grow an inspired practice providing Pathway Prayer Process(c) Akashic Record Readings to your community and beyond! --Also, Learn It Live offers the (Beginning) Practitioner class, which has been recorded and is available in the archives. It is NOT a pre-requisite for the Advanced class. Session #1 -- Energy Healing What it is and how it works in the Akashic Records Protocols empowering your Readings with others Transmit your soul's light Session #2 & #3 -- Clearing Unwanted Ancestral Patterns Heal patterns that are no longer beneficial Embrace liberating options Activate the highest qualities of your ancestral line Session #4 -- Reconciling Past Lives Make peace with past lifetimes Unleash the Ancient Wisdom within you Propel your practice to your highest potential!
NOTE that this class is no longer offered with a Certification option. Here is an elegant, effective way for you to support others spiritually, and nurture yourself at the same time! Reading the Records for others blesses both parties with Light and Grace. Strengthen your skills to match the deep desire in your heart to be of effective spiritual service. Conscious, reliable access to the Akashic Records -- the vibrational archive of all souls -- is now open to ALL, through Dr. Linda Howe's groundbreaking Pathway Prayer Process(c). The person being read gains a beautiful clarity, allowing them to see beyond old ideas and walls of confusion and misunderstanding -- and to deeply know essential, eternal truths.
Gratitude is the consciousness empowering us to gain momentum and transcend every variety of limitation in our way! This Thanksgiving Season, gather your rightful energy and accelerate your journey! Together we will: - Identify the energetic pattern and potentials of gratitude - Recognize the positive difference gratitude brings to our lives - Learn to ignite this power within ourselves We'll use the Akashic Records - the archive of our souls' journeys across lifetimes, aka The Book of Life - as our spiritual resource, propelling us to our destiny!
Learn from Linda Howe, the leading Expert in the Akashic Records, the "Chronicles of You" throughout your lifetimes: -- Gain Spiritual Perspective on your family relations -- Understand and release limiting inherited patterns -- Identify and embrace the opportunities of this life -- Discover peace in troublesome familial relationships -- Honor your ancestors and your relationship with them