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Is the quality of your life suffering due to the stress in your life? Are you living your life from your highest potential, or simply trying to make it through each day? Most of us live in states of chronic stress today and this is having a negative impact on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, decreasing the quality of our lives. Join holistic teacher Evita Ochel to understand how to deal with stress in effective ways that get to the root of the issue, and empower you with effective tools and habits for lifelong benefits. Learn how to spot the signs of chronic stress and how to take a more mindful approach to dealing with it in your life. Topics covered will include physical, emotional and psychological changes you can implement, including 20 tips for the most lasting and effective ways to deal with stress mindfully.
~ FREE ONLINE EVENT ~ How Spirit Speaks ~ Are you seeing the signs? Have you ever wondered how to recognize your own messages from Spirit? Join me for this enlightening event and learn more about how to connect and become more aware of the ways in which this communication is happening with all of us. A guided meditation for connecting will be included with discussion.
Top three reasons to attend this online seminar: 1. You've excellent coaching skills, but have no idea how to run a business, let alone how to promote it, market it or build your client base. 2. Discover a proven 4-step system to build a successful coaching business and attract high paying clients 3. Learn the secrets of Mohamed Tohami, one of the highest paid coaches in Egypt. And why most coaches can't make a living out of their coaching business.
Boring! That's what most people think about the online programs mentioned in the title. When you put a little thought into your session and plan how to make it interactive, any (yes, any!) online program can actually be quite fun and effective no matter how stale the topic. We'll be reviewing some best practices and techniques to keep in mind to keep things fun and fresh. Additionally, we'll go over some tips and tricks at effectively marketing your sessions to get more participants. It will be an interactive workshop therefore participation and feedback is encouraged throughout. BENEFITS OF ATTENDING: - Run amazing live online sessions - Don't bore people with your online sessions - Effectively market your product or service via online sessions - You can have a free instructor account at - Learn how to generate revenue running these types of programs online
If you feel stuck at a day job and have always dreamed about doing your own thing, then this webinar is for you. You're going to discover how to make more money by living true to yourself and being who you were meant to be.
This classroom is a LIVE Information and Q&A Session for Prospects and Students of the Get A Klu Coaches Training which starts the first week of April and continues for 15 consecutive weeks with 90 minute online sessions each week. Enrolled Learners will also receive 12 Private one-on-one Coaching Sessions with a Head Coach in addition to any "accountability partnerships" formed with other learners in the training. Learners may elect a learning path to an Independent Coaching Contract with Get A Klu or may simply take the information to incorporate into their own practice or career. There is no obligation to work with/for Get A Klu upon completion of this training. OBJECTIVES: The primary objectives of this course are to introduce you to a wide variety of coaching outcomes, strategies, techniques, tools, scripts and formats that will empower you as a “change agent” for anyone that gives you permission to be their coach (Manager, Supervisor, Director, Team Leader, etc.)! In very broad brush strokes, upon completion of this coaching and leadership training, learners will be able to: • Deliver “breakthrough” perspectives and unquestionable “value” for anyone in a single coaching session! • Give immediate and viable strategic problem-solving solutions to any client for any key life or small business result area! • Diagnose needs, replace limiting with empowering beliefs, and create lasting transformation for any client! • Simultaneously hold someone powerfully AND gracefully (keeping rapport) accountable to their commitments! • Condition and strengthen a client’s level of integrity (command of self, calendar, and word)! • Assist ANYONE in the process of goal-setting, strategic decision making, effective time management and work-life balance! ADDITIONAL OBJECTIVES FOR "HONORS" (GAK Coaching Contract Track) STUDENTS: • Be able to enroll prospects into coaching programs • Be able to perform Behavioral Assessment Debriefs (DISC & Values) • Be able to deliver effective "Motivational and Accountability" Coaching • Be able to generate leads/identify prospects of Coaching • Be able to build a Coaching "practice" (calendar full of paying clients)
Dr. Michelle Cleere
Health & Wellness > Mental Health
Recorded: Jan 16, 2014 at 01:00 pm EDT
Self-confidence: how do you get it and how do you keep it? It is the mark of a champion. That secret ingredient that all great athletes seem to possess, regardless of what level they compete at. Self-confidence is that intangible factor that keeps an athlete working hard regardless of how many times he/she may fail or how many obstacles get thrown in his/her path. Self-confidence can give an average athlete the courage and focus to defeat a stronger opponent. Self-confidence can motivate you to attempt and accomplish the impossible. Likewise, lacking self-confidence, an athlete will consistently perform way below their potential. Low self-confidence can kill an athlete's enjoyment of the sport and turn him/her into a dropout statistic. Self-confidence: how do you get it and how do you keep it? I will tell you!
Sarah Newton
Recorded: Sep 12, 2013 at 02:00 pm EDT
It was all so easy in the beginning. There you were with your tiny bundle of joy, looking forward to their first word, first steps and first day at school. You felt proud and privileged to be a parent, and it wasn't until their teens that you began to wonder where it all went wrong. Suddenly your child is transformed into a sulky and disobedient teenager, whose only means of communication consists of grunts and door slamming. During this webinar Sarah will show parents: � How to transition to the teen years and change your parenting to change the situation. � How to break down barriers with your teenager and reach a new level of understanding. � Tactics and techniques that will get you what you want without starting World War III! Parents will leave with: 1.Knowledge of the transition to the teen years and how it affects them as parents. 2. Methods and techniques they can use at home. 3. A new understanding of their teen �alien�. THIS WEBINAR WILL ALSO SUPPORT PARENTS AS THEY PREPARE FOR THE TEENAGE YEARS
Lead by Erez Weinstein: We will discuss the concept of content marketing, the process of creating a content plan targeted to potential customers and illuminate how to write interesting, fresh and unique content today. Workshop Overview: Foundations - What is content marketing and why it is important that you do it - Find out what your customers (or potential customers) are interested in. Creating a content plan - The basic structure - Finding out what to write about - How to write effective titles - Do it yourself or find help Executing the content plan - How often should you upload new content - Writing content yourself - How to distribute your content for greater reach - Measure and adjust your content - Finding new ideas and keep going
We have often heard that customer experience is really common sense. However, giving an authentic brilliant touch isn’t always common. In fact, as emotional beings we tend to remember uncommon, unique, and unquestionably exquisite experiences that take our breath away. It is these rare occasions that become locked in our minds. This is how word of mouth spreads like a wild fire and a hidden brand gems becomes an overnight sensations. You will learn the following: How to engage the head, heart, and hands of your customers How to create an internal customer service strategy for your own business How to stop selling and start connecting to your customers
Join Dr Pam for a discussion about building relationships in business through direct sales. Dr Pam will help you demystify the power of network businesses and will share the reasons why they are so successful for many powerful leaders. Pam will share with you her 12 years of mastery in direct sales and its impact in her business life. And give you tips to why living the direct sales lifestyle can change you motivation, communication and health. In this presentation you will discover the power of the following topics --Healthy MInd --Healthy Body --Healthy Business Practices --Healthy Relationship Building --Win Win Relationships --The power of networking And much more!! This will be an amazing journey of self discovery fro your purpose, passion, health and relationship to small business.
Join Dr Pam for an overview on her Online Video Academy for empowering the female mind, body and spirit with wisdom. Pam's Female Empowerment School will give you the tools you need to empower your positive growth as a woman and she will help you awaken to the opportunity for healing your life with empowerment tools. The Female Empowerment School A Community for Evolving the Spirit of Women. In the school you will become part of a global network of women practicing inner mind-body empowerment techniques which means a network of love and support as well as a way to connect. All video lessons will be self directed and empowered-- meaning the exercise will ask you to pull forth your feminine strength and wisdom to evolve your spirit. In the community you will be able to face issues that may be holding you back and break through to female empowerment Each Exercise and Life Practice will keep you focused on Evolving the Female Spirit to include the topics of-- female body wisdom body evolution life purpose inner passion art of pleasure Yoga Breath Movement Journaling Wisdom Emotional Healing Self Love and Self Care Join me for this amazing opportunity to empower your life!
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