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Ordinarily successful people interviewed Extraordinarily Well! Subject Matter Experts, Business Leaders, Storytellers, and People of Inspiration brought to life by the questions and conversation of Jeffrey Klubeck! Next Interview: Brian Smith, Founder UGG Australia Boots!!! Brian Smith, aka "Mr. Ugg" came to the United States looking for the "next big business hit" to to take back home. He began importing sheepskin boots from Australia in 1978 and founded "UGG IMPORTS." Mr. Smith built the sales and infrastructure to distribute UGG boots across the US for approximately 17 years and ultimately sold the company to Deckers Corp in 1995. UGG sales for the Deckers Corp in 2011 exceeded 1 billion dollars. €€ Since then, Mr. Smith has been involved in numerous entrepreneurial projects and businesses endeavors. Brian has amassed much wisdom and knowledge over the past decades and has learned, "what not to do" in business as well as things he feels will inspire and help entrepreneurs and business professionals on their journey to success. Mr. Smith is about to release his self published book, �The Birth of UGG in America� and will be available for speaking engagements and book signings after the book is officially released later this year! PAST INTERVIEWS in 2012: -Meet Niloo Tavangar, VP of Educational Development, Y.O.U. Institute!!! -Meet Greg Clowminzer and Awaken the Entrepreneur in YOU!!! -Doug Taber, Linkedin Writer, Trainer, Speaker and Business Development Consultant! -Meet Dan Caro, Fire and Ice! Speaker, Author, Musician, Burn Survivor! -Meet Ron Greenwald, MBA and Senior Real Estate Professional with Realty Executives in San Diego.
Center for Puppetry Arts Org
Arts > Education
Recorded: Nov 17, 2012 at 03:00 pm EDT
Celebrate American Education Week with a panel of professional of arts educators coordinated by the Center for Puppetry Arts! Panelists will discuss arts advocacy, describe their work in the field of puppetry/arts education, and explain how puppetry and the arts can positively impact your students’ life-long learning. Parents, educators, and education students welcome! This is offered via webinar only!
Join The National Marionette Theatre of Brattleboro, VT for LIVE Q & A. Member(s) of The National MarionetteTheatre will introduce themselves and briefly discuss their work. Next, the floor is open to YOU toa sk any burning questions-- LIVE!
This class will be led by Kim Chernin and Renate Stendhal. Most of us have experienced yo-yo dieting. We lose weight, we gain weight back, we lose it, we re-gain it. We reproach ourselves, we're fed up, time passes, we try again. Is there a way out of this cycle? Yes, there is. Groups are essential. There's a great deal of research showing the effectiveness of groups, whether for meditating together, engaging in creative projects or losing weight. It makes sense. We come together, recognize and support each other, make a commitment to a community that supports our commitment to ourselves. We offer this sequence of groups, lasting FIVE weeks, for 50 MINUTES A week. The first one and only the first one is free. Please sign up for groups two through five at a total cost of $80.00 ($20.00 per group session.) -- Group One: Stepping off the yoyo for good -- Group Two: A silver bullet? The hCG protocol and its benefits -- Group Three: Mishaps, mistakes and what to do about them -- Group Four: Emotional eating and its discontents -- Group Five: Never gain weight again: Transition to normal, healthy eating
So many think that they could live a healthy lifestyle only if they had "more willpower." In this 30-minute talk, we'll get to the root of what willpower is and how it does - and doesn't work. Then I'll share the secret of what does work when it comes to changing for the healthier!
Attend a demonstration of distance healing with Reiki. Learn how to recognize the feeling of the energy working to bring your mind and body gently into balance. Reiki Master Teacher Alice Langholt, author of the new book Practical Reiki, and Group Leader with the Distance Healing Network, will demonstrate and send healing to all who attend or view the recording. This enlightening and powerful demonstration will open your awareness.
Art Giser
Personal Development..
Recorded: May 15, 2012 at 08:30 pm EDT
Each one of us is an amazing, beautiful, and powerful spiritual being. Our unconscious and energetic programming and old limiting beliefs, keep us from manifesting who we really are, and limit our success, personal development, relationships, and sense of satisfaction with our lives. In this "mini workshop" Art will take you through simple, effective, and powerful Energetic NLP processes that will clear limiting programming and beliefs, and help you start integrating your Miraculous Self into your daily life.
This new workshop with Rick Jarow offers a depth exploration into exactly what this mysterious "economy" is: not merely in its external sense, but psychologically. What is really going on in this world transactional sphere, and what are the amazing opportunities this brings to us? Jarow specifies four empowering questions that allow you to interface consciously with the economy and introduces the "HEQ" (holostic energy quotient) to help manage the ongoing energy flows in our lives. The workshop introduces the two fundamental practices for staying grounded and clear during times of change, sixty four practices for abundance, slowing down, and focusing, and offers the healed "eco-vision' and "money meditation" to open the doorways of alignment and freedom into ever increasing openness, compassion, and true prosperity.
The Center for Puppetry Arts is joining the national technology-in-education awareness campaign by participating in Digital Learning Day! On Feb 1, 2012, our Distance Learning department invites you to a Digital Open House to explore our great educational content and webinar capabilities!