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Domestic Engineer
Looking forward to the BRCleanse. My daugther did the cleanse several months again and her continued success with it has brought me here.
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Delia Quigley
Health & Wellness > Nutrition
Recorded: Sep 09, 2013 at 01:30 pm EST
Do you know the single most important thing you can do in a day to get the most from your food? In this 60 minute session we will explore the body-food relationship based on how your food is grown and processed; where your food comes from and the impact eating a Standard American Diet has on your health and the health of the planet. Delia will guide you on a step-by-step progression towards improving the quality of the food you eat; how to plan menu's, shop and prepare your food to provide optimal wellness. Delia will include delicious nutritious recipes that include snacks and meals you can bring to sustain you through a day of work. This session will also include simple movement exercises you can do sitting at your desk to improve posture, blood flow; massage filtering organs and stretch cramped and tired muscles.
Delia Quigley will guide you through her Body Rejuvenation Cleanse (BRC), during this amazing 5-week program. The BRC is a safe, effective way to introduce the highest quality foods into your daily diet, while allowing your body time to Cleanse and Rejuvenate. The BRC is NOT a restricted diet program; you don't have to count calories, fat grams or weigh your protein. You WILL eat and enjoy nutrient dense foods and plenty of them.