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I assist a program that is designed to train mental health providers better treat our veterans and their families by giving them a more stable foundation of what the deployment cycle entails. When I am not working, I enjoy time with my husband and fur babies, a glass of wine, good food, and friends. I love to travel, try new things, and explore nature.
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Join Beth Lynch as she shares the power of falling in love with your self first! It is the most important relationship you have. Learn how to attract healthy relationships you deserve !
There are many different kinds of love, but the trickiest of them all is the love we must fall in with ourselves. Based on a chapter from Lauren's book Relationshipped, this class will teach us why we must first love ourselves before we can ever love another.
Communication is one of the most important factors in any relationship. Relationships fail or become unhappy and stressful when couples struggle to communicate effectively with each other. Disagreements arise and resentments can build over the slightest things. In this session you'll learn 3 powerful secrets that will help you transform your relationship into a deeper, more loving and fulfilling connection.
Often times when we're stressed, our significant other suffers. Discover tactics from to systematically rejuvenate your energy, decrease burn out/ stress and increase your capacity to get things done by: - Discussing thought leadership around goal setting, time management, personal energy and its link to stress free productivity and a happy relationship. - Covering the 4 levels of energy that, when managed well, allow us to work SMARTER not HARDER - giving us extra time with that special someone.
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For many of us there is a background conversation in our heads that tell us either we are not enough or someone else isn't enough of something - not good looking enough, not interesting enough, not successful enough,etc. and then we take action in the world based on this assessment. This move can sabotage what we say we want in a relationship or how we might behave in the one we have. Join me and discover how to free yourself from this common trap.
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Learn how to satisfy your appetite for lasting love! Join us for an introduction to a groundbreaking new way to get the love you desire! From communication to quality time to sex, some people get their fill quite easily, while others can hardly get enough! That's Love Metabolism. It's often these "love-metabolic mismatches" that create so many problems for couples! We'll talk about how to go beyond identifying unmet needs and desires. We''ll not only help you get what you want, we'll show you how to get your fill by taking the critical next step - determining how to meet each need by asking the three love-metabolic questions: HOW OFTEN IS ENOUGH? HOW LONG IS GOOD? HOW MUCH IS NEEDED? Learning how to answer these questions will improve almost every area of your relationship!
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When it comes to dating and relationships, the beliefs you hold about yourself make all the difference. Sign up to learn how transforming your beliefs will transform your love life! We'll also have a brief, interactive Q&A session following the lesson, so be sure to bring your most pressing dating concerns and questions.
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Discover the one most important relationship in your life. Understand why it is important to start nurturing and fostering this relationship if you want to easily and naturally enhance every other relationship in your life.
Lisa Carrillo
Love and..
Recorded: Feb 14, 2016 at 11:30 am EDT
Love's holding is far bigger than we ever imagine. But, we can only experience this if we say yes to more even when it looks differently than we expected.
In this lecture, you will not be only taught how to learn the language you desire, but rather acquire it in merely SIX months and sound like a native-speaker in a total of TWELVE months! We will cover: 1- A basic explanation of what language is and isn't. 2- The most EFFECTIVE and EASY-TO-APPLY methods to language acquisition. 3- The Do's and Don'ts in order to achieve your goal in such short period of time!
Motivating People to be their best Everyone wants to do their best, be appreciated for their work and reach their full potential. We all want to feel motivated and love what we do, but is that even possible? How do we motivate ourselves and others? How do we deal with a lack of motivation? How does motivation work in the workplace? Join Sarah Newton, leading coach as she shares with you her secrets to staying motivated. During this webinar you will learn: - The key work motivators - How motivation works and links to behaviour - How to motivate yourself and others - Easy to use techniques to that will work with de-motivated employees.
Dr. Pam Denton
Health & Wellness
Ended: Aug 05, 2013 at 08:00 pm EDT
The passion to change America's health crisis may live in your heart and could very well be your purpose. This is your chance to find out if you are one of the leaders to help help set America back on track to health. The journey starts with you and the people in your community. And you can lend a helping hand to help restore America back to health. With a climbing rate of 86% of Americans overweight and 69% clinically obese we have a real problem. Chronic disease is on the rise America and it is linked to our poor health habits. We are now faced with a major health crisis. And although this can seem desperate there is a Solution! Join Dr Pam for a very Real and Truthful discussion about our health and the healthcare crisis. And find out how Take Shape for Life is paving the way to help America heal and live from vitality and longevity. Join me in the review and discuss the possibility that helping restore optimal health to America may just be your career path. And find out how you can lose weight safely and easily by creating habitual change in your daily life.
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