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I'm a chubby desk worker who is ready to be a Fit Bottomed Girl!
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You know that diets don't work. But what does? How do you break old patterns? How do you change, for real and for keeps? You build your own plan that works for you, step by step. And we can help you do just that in 28 days. It's called FBG Life. And it'll help you to discover your unique blueprint for being a Fit Bottomed Girl.
If you are putting in long hours at work you might feel exhausted and unmotivated once you leave the office. By making some modifications to your work day you can become more focused, more productive and have more energy. Join me to learn specific tips that will help your body and mind feel better during your day.
Sick of being obsessed with the number on the scale? Or how many calories you ate or need to burn? Ready to stop letting the number on the scale determine your self worth? Join Jennipher Walters for this new four-week FBG Life class to help you break up with the scale and reclaim your true power and motivation for a lifestyle of health -- not dieting.
Want to be a true Fit Bottomed Girl who's healthy from the inside out? In the virtual 8-week Fit Bottomed Life weight-loss program, you'll learn the ins and outs of living a healthy and happy lifestyle because you want to, not because you have to! Join me as you learn to break up with the scale, use inches and how you feel to measure your progress and break through barriers to become your best and healthiest self. Whether you have 100 pounds to lose or 10, FBG Life is for you.
Join Pamela, The Confident Boomer Health Coach for the "Top 5 Self-Care Strategies to Live a Fabulous Life" class and discover: - The Top 5 Self-Care Strategies to live a fabulous life now - What exactly self-care is and why it's vital for a fabulous life - Why we need to put self-care on our priority list (hint: there are MANY reasons!). - The #1 secret that allows you to take care of yourself every single day (no excuses...) - Why are self-care and your relationship with food often tied together The class' engaging format allows interactive participation, with a question-and-answer segment following the presentation.
Want to be a true Fit Bottomed Girl who's healthy from the inside out? Join our virtual 6-week Fit Bottomed Life program and learn the ins and outs of living a healthy and happy lifestyle because you want to, not because you have to!
Katie Bressack HHC
Health & Wellness
Recorded: Sep 28, 2012 at 05:00 pm EDT
Do you often find yourself wanting to crawl under your desk at work at 3 p.m to take a quick nap? Or looking around to find a piece of chocolate or a cup of coffee? I will help you go from napping to energized! Learn how you can gain energy into your life by making small shifts to create long lasting healthy lifestyle changes. I will be providing you with foods that can increase your energy, self care tips and de-stressing methods that you can easily incorporate into your life.
Do you have trouble finding your inner motivation to get active and work out? This class will take you through nine surprisingly easy yet effective ways to get yourself up and moving each and every day. And the best part? Follow them regularly and working out will begin to feel less like "work" and more like a fun part of your day that you actually look forward to!
Living a health life doesn't need to be difficult! It isn't about strict diets or deprivation. It's about being honest with yourself and figuring out what will and will not work for you. Come learn some simple tips that you can start incorporating into your life now, that will lead you on path to better health.
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