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Join Dr Pam Denton for a conversation on relationships and the power to transform lives through conscious loving connection. This class is for any relationship that needs mending and healing: self healing, professional, parenting, or marriage. Pam will teach you that her same formula of Mind-Heart-Core can be used no matter what you are dealing with in relationship. The goal of all relationships is to get out of the clash of mind and emotions and settle into peace and calm into the heart so that you can connect and see things clearly. This is an amazing presentation that will advance your life and help you mend the relationships that are in need of healing.
Health and productivity go hand in hand. When people feel better from the inside out, they are able to do a better job. Comprehensive wellness is one incredible way to increase "Sustainable Productivity" featuring mind, body and spirit. In order to advance your strategies in business and lead with a driving edge the energy and motivation your team has to be supported with wellness programs. As you give back to your community there is a natural shift in attitude, performance and production. When people feel good and they feel valued they are more willing to grow and expand as an employee. Corporations have become small communities of people. Much of a person's life is spent in a corporate community. And the way to support the community is to provide health opportunities. We all know that healthcare is challenging the infrastructure of many corporations and pulling at the budgetary numbers creating stress. And now many corporations are looking to wellness to advance strategies of supportive healthcare. Join me for an enlightening approach to wellness in the work place that is called Mind-Body Business Coaching. In which I will teach to experiences where I have seen mind, body, and spirit come together to support corporate leadership and the health of inner business communities.
The holidays are here...will you be one of the "lucky" ones to add an additional 10-15 pounds over the next two months? Will you join the masses in creating a list of New Years resolutions with the best of intentions...only to fall short of your goals? Why is it that we continually try to lose weight, get healthier, exercise, etc. and only have limited results (often short lived)? Join me as we examine our current approach to wellness and how we could be inadvertently sabotaging our own efforts. Learn how to shift your focus and energy to making lifelong changes!
Learn how to boost mental and physical performance on a plant-based nutrition program. Based on the international bestseller "Thrive," I'll be talking on a few topics for half the session and the other half of the session will be for Q&A and interacting in the virtual class. You can find Thrive at Topics will include: - High net gain nutrition: what it is and how you can benefits from it - Biological debt: what it is, why it's rampant in North america, and how to ensure you're not a victim - Boost energy holistically, without stimulants - Enhance sleep quality (and therefore reduce amount of sleep needed to function at your best) - Reduce recovery time needed between workout and therefore improve athletic performance - Building a biologically younger body: how you can do it - Alkaline-forming nutrition: How you can ensure what you eat will enhance your body's efficiency and conserve energy with every move - How to enhance mental clarity and improve focus and productivity
Do you even know what to put in your mouth anymore? Stop counting, weighing and measuring your food! Learn to increase your overall health and metabolism. Stop wasting your time and money on restrictive plans, and learn the truth about health and weight loss from Registered Dietician Meg O'Rourke.
Most people may want to be more in control of their health but they may not have access to the resources, information, or professional guidance to be successful. In addition to the fact that the internet is filled with a lot of misleading information. According to Jan Maurer, MD, Vice President & Medical Director, Health Dialog. "We believe health coaching is a critical and proven part of the solution and can help people change their lifestyles to improve their health." Studies also show that health coaching helps people to make and maintain positive lifestyle changes more easily. In this highly interactive presentation Dr. Eno a board certified physician and professional life coach will be highlighting the proven benefits of health coaching. She will also be highlighting her member’s only virtual Health Coaching Website.
Have you lost the energy that you once had in your life? Are you feeling drained at the end of the workday? Join Diane Randall, Wellness Educator and Holistic Health Coach as she shares proven energy boosting techniques you can use on a regular basis so that you don't need to take two weeks off just to recharge. Explore how to take your energy to a new level so you will feel better with lots of energy all the time. Learn how to make your life more manageable, healthier, less stressful, and more enjoyable. Diane's energy boosting techniques were featured in Consulting Magazine the flagship publication of the consulting profession.
Toni Hoy
Personal Development.. > Interpersonal..
Recorded: Aug 18, 2012 at 11:00 am EST
The Write Foundation is designed for writers who are ready to take their writing from their personal computers and notebooks to online or print publication. This course helps writers prepare for publication by addressing the target audience, as well as the pros and cons of various publication channels.
Register for this webinar to learn about nonprofit storytelling and reporting through Fusion Tables and Google Maps. This webinar will be led by John Jarvis, a HandsOn Tech AmeriCorps member. HandsOn Tech seeks to develop the nonprofit sector�s effective use of technology to increase community resources and improve outcomes for low-income communities and families. It builds on Points of Light�s goal of putting people at the center of change and Google�s commitment to increasing technology accessibility. The program leverages the resources of VISTA members, skills-based volunteers and community partners to create meaningful and sustained impact in communities.
This session, led by Points of Light's Chief Financial Officer Kris Tecce, will provide an overview on managing federal funds and will share what it means for costs to be allowable, allocable, and reasonable. This is a required webinar for Points of Light 9/11 2013 grantees but is open to others who are interested in learning more about the complex world of federal funds management. MLK grantees are requested to have their program manager and finance director participate in this call.
Getting into the right school for graduate education is an onerous and competitive process. Forster-Thomas has perfected a methodology that will get students into schools that they never dreamed possible. Being the “True You” is what Forster-Thomas teaches, and this is the strategy that will guarantee success during any application process. Over the last decade, Evan Forster and David Thomas have developed close relationships with the top rated and most prestigious academic institutions in the country. They understand how the system works. Forster-Thomas have turned their best-selling book, “Reality Check” and nationally renowned methodology into a seminar and webinar series, “Be The True You.” This will then be developed into workshops delivered in major markets. Syndicated radio hosts, Evan and David know how to deliver both an entertaining and informative message that provides students the differentiation that they need in a competitive environment.
Feeding our children healthy, nutritious and tasty foods can be a juggling act. Whether it's the taste, the smell or even the color, kids are pushing away from the table and opting for full-time snacking. In this class we'll be going over proper nutrition for children, how to sneak in those veggies and get your kids interacting in the kitchen. Knowing what your children should eat is only have the battle - let's teach them how to live a life of great health!
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