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Sarah Newton
Health & Wellness
Recorded: Mar 13, 2017 at 04:30 pm EDT
Coaching Girls Intensive 6 Week Programme
How many times have you told your child to stop watching that rubbish on TV? How often have you moaned about their obsession with video games? Do you believe our young people are getting less intelligent by the year? If only they would go outside and do the great things we used to do as kids. What if everything you thought you knew was wrong? What if what you thought was bad for your children was actually making them smarter? In this radical seminar Sarah de-myths some of the thoughts and opinions around modern children and give you a new way to look at the situation. In this webinar you will learn: 1. How TV is becoming more complex and making our children use their brains more. 2. How video games are so good they are being used to train future executives. 3. How popular culture is making our children smarter and facilitating more complex thought processes. Participants will leave with an insight into how modern culture is impacting our young people, and the way
Join leading Youth Coach Sarah Newton in this valuable content-rich webinar and learn: 1. How to quickly identify whether your young client is right for coaching, so you get the best results every time. 2. How to quickly identify what is most important to your young client so you can get results quicker. 3. Techniques that will get through to even the most apathetic or difficult clients - quickly You are going to love this training, .especially if you... 1.Have struggled to get the results you want with your young clients 2.Have struggled to get fully engaged in the process of coaching 3. Really want to help young people but feel that you need more useable and relevant tools. I have over 18 years working in this field and am one of the most experienced youth coaches. I have hosted my own TV series and am a published author, so believe me when I say that I know my stuff. And for attending you will receive a great bonus. After the seminar you will receive three worksheets especially designed by me that will support you to really integrate all the material you learn on the call. I am looking forward to hearing you on the call; answering any questions you have and helping you increase your impact in youth around the world.
Teenology Webinar Module Three