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Courtney Marchesani, the anxiety coach, is a Hay House author of Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive: Intuition, Empathy, Vision, and Expression. She is a 200Hr Yoga Teacher, wellness advocate, and certified health coach. Courtney is also an OmTimes Expert, herbalist, and public speaker for achieving balance while healing anxiety.


M.S. Mind-Body Medicine, Saybrook University
Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Counselor/Coach, Institute of Integrative Nutrition
B.A. Psychology, University of Montana

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Mental health practitioner for over a decade, award-winning community advocacy, writer, blogger, and bhakti yogi.

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Learn the four stages of anxiety and how to stop a panic attack in it's tracks. Through a short teaching module anyone who experiences anxiety symptoms whether shortened breath, racing thoughts, or quickened heart beat can learn how to regulate and completely dissolve symptoms of anxiety. You'll also learn upside or gifts of anxiety which has been shown in clinical studies: higher imaginative thought or creativity, intelligence, and unique problem solving.
When we feel anxiety, depression, or have difficulty focusing the root cause is usually associated with fear, trauma, or loss. In this valuable class you'll learn dream techniques to awaken during sleep, also called Lucid Dreaming, to lessen the fear and work naturally with your own mind. We'll go through a short history of lucid dreaming from multiple perspectives like Tibetan Buddhist, Shamanic, Modern-day Mindfulness and others. You'll learn practice techniques that help increase awareness inside your dreams to realize your own potential.
This is a FREE class offered to the Learn It Live Community: Intuitive Guidance for Wellness. Whether you are a health practitioner, life coach, or wanting to dive deeper into your intuitive health practice this rich class offers tips, tricks, and real life uses of intuition for health and wellness. Bring your questions and curiosity because intuition is a remarkable gift to explore. The latest scientific research will be presented and Mind-Body Methods for using the gift of intuitive thought for health and healing (yourself and others).
Courtney Marchesani
Health & Wellness
Recorded: Apr 08, 2019 at 07:30 pm EST
It usually happens in childhood, the high intuition we display is shut down, off, or we are told we didn't see, hear, or feel these instinctive insights by those around us. Even when we are accurately discerning what is happening in our environment. Being highly intuitive can makes others uncomfortable, but that doesn't mean you should change who you are because of this remarkable ability. Come JOIN IN this exciting class where Courtney will display and discuss high level intuition and how it can help you make life decisions, help others, and even keep you safe. You'll be able to ask a question and receive an intuitive answer.
Spiritually Transformative Experience (STE) mirrors the classic Near Death Experience (NDE). People who have STE's report witnessing an expanded reality, returning with augmented senses, sometimes viewing future events, and changes in their life view and perspective. Come JOIN IN this exciting talk where you can learn more about the spiritually expansive STE, ask questions, and talk about yours.
Modern medicine has forgotten that healing was once closely tied to our spiritual health, growth, and development. Come learn how healing works on the spiritual level when aided and assisted with plant-spirit medicine. You will learn some of the Alaskan Essences developed by Steve Johnson and their vibrational imprints for use in your own healing practice or for your own usage.
Make this bright, elegant, and delightful dandelion oil for use by itself or to use as a base for dandelion herbal salve. Join Courtney, herbalist, integrative health specialist, and plant-spirit medicine maker. Enroll in this course and you will receive a FREE recipe with detailed instructions on how to make your own oil. Courtney will go through each step with you in this class from picking to the infusion. After you go through this class you will be able to make homemade dandelion infused oil yourself or teach your friends!
Jump into this class and learn about the Sensitive Empath. This class is very important for empathic individuals as you will learn about your abilities as a healer. Not ALL empaths are healers, but there are some very clear sign posts along the way. Join this FREE class and learn the signs and symptoms of the empath-healer. Empath-healers are natural born compassionate care givers and their sensitive gift of empathic awareness is the crux of this valuable ability to tune into, feel, and identify what challenges others face and the information to help them heal.
Have you been overwhelmed by floods of energy, foreign images, or information that makes you anxious and increases your own sensitivity? Often times medical intuition is a silent phenomenon that creates powerful responses in the mind and body, but without identifying it and working with your gift these sensations may become a nuisance rather than the beautiful gift it was intended to be. Join this class and learn the signs of sensitivity that are defined as "medical intuition".
Join in this special FREE LIVE intuitive reading demonstration. First attendees receive a reading and share with our community how powerful intuitive readings are as healing forces for change. Learn how an intuitive reading works. Observe the signs and subtle ways intuition reveals information about the mind, body, and spirit. Tune in and and ask Courtney questions!
Have you ever seen balls of lights in the sky, experienced lucid dreaming, felt the presence of someone who had passed on (an ancestor), or synchronicity? This 60 minute class was designed for you. Learn how modern science works to explain these phenomenon connected with human consciousness. While psychologists investigate ideas such as transpersonal experiences, awakening, and theta states 'the experiencer' movement sheds light through a whole different cosmology. Many believe the United States government (USG) will begin disclosure into these fascinating concepts throughout the year 2018 and 2019. Join me for a refreshing and expansive look at human consciousness and the new science.
There are three consistent phases sensitives experiences as they go through their awakening process. They are: awakening, confusion, and balance. Tune into this powerful talk on identifying these phases through your sensory intelligence and maximizing your sensory gifts of intuition, empathy, vision, and expression.
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