Keda Edwards Pierre enjoys serving as a Personal Development Strategist whose experience spans close to 20 years. Her vibrant passion for holistic health is stoked by her observations of the growing need for life balance and long-term health strategies. Keda is no stranger to the hard work of developing effective strategies for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance. A Survivor of sexual abuse herself, she was forced at a very young age to learn and employ effective strategies that brought genuine health & balance. Her ability to connect with others and share these techniques prompted Keda to train as a ...See All


Angel Light Certified Practitioner
Usui Tibetan Master/Teacher Certification
Certified Holistic LIfe Coach
Transformational Arts College: Holistic Health Practitioner Program (Completing)
Aromatherapy/Homeopathy/Herbal Studies/Crystal Therapy/Bach Remedies/Subtle Aromatherapy/Iridology/Shiatsu/Reflexology/Nutritional Wellness/Counselling Skills
Fitness Instructor (K'DA Fitness/Zumba/Socacize/GROOVE Instructor)
International Centre for Integrative Empowerment: Train-the-Trainer
Dalhousie University - Weldon Law: Law Programme (1st year)
Ontario Police College: Ontario Police Training
Charles O. Bick College: Program Development/Instructional Techniques/Diversity Train-the-Trainer/Instructor Training
York University: Psychology 101
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health: Facilitation Program

Experience and Distinctions

Experience: Mediation, Holistic Life Coaching, Business Development, Herbal Apprenticeship, Problem Solving, Strategic Planning, Coaching, Teaching, Program Development, Facilitation, Project Management, Board Governance, Research & Development....and last but not least...family & friends will attest that I LOVE to cook and cook to LOVE ;)

Distinctions: African Canadian Women's Achievement Award, Harry Jerome Award Nominee, National Council of Jamaicans & Supporting Organizations Award, Police & Community Letters of Commendation

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There can be no way to prepare for a parents worst nightmare which is to experience the death of your child. On a summer evening almost 22 years ago, August 15, 1995, Avis Ottey was confronted with the indescribable. Returning to her Scarborough home from work, Avis walked into her family sanctuary to find the bloodied bodies of her teenaged daughters, Marsha and Tami. What thought, feeling, action or life is possible after this? Such a journey is not easily understood, unless you have been there in some way yourself. With this said, Rev. Avis is living proof that this journey is possible. She now graciously and powerfully shares aspects of her healing path through grief counselling, coaching and support, and her book: It May Hurt for a While. Through her powerful, compassionate and skilful work, Rev. Avis Ottey now helps those seeking to reconnect with life while journeying through grief.
Keda Edwards Pierre
Health & Wellness
Ended: Jun 18, 2018 at 07:30 pm EDT
Private Consultation
PRIVATE SESSION: You have what you need. What I do is help you remember.
PRIVATE SESSION: You have what you need. What I do is help you remember.
PRIVATE SESSION: You have what you need. What I do is help you remember.
PRIVATE SESSION: You have what you need. What I do is help you remember.
PRIVATE SESSION: You have what you need. What I do is help you remember.
PRIVATE SESSION: You have what you need. What I do is help you remember.
NOTE: NO LIVE CLASS. CLICK ON DOWNLOADABLE AUDIO FILE. A circle of professionals discussing everyday challenges that we don’t often talk about. Each professional offers information and guidance in their own unique way. KEDA (Holistic Health Consultant, Transition Coach, and Vitality Activist) is joined by ADI KANDA (Cellular Healing Practitioner, Founder of the Fearless Program, and Intuitive Poet), MORGAN SMITH (Spiritual Life Coach, Mystic Philosopher, and Youth Support Worker), and DUANE EAGLE SONG (Shaman, Sage, and Founder of 7 Directions Shamanic Healing). This Collective delves into some tough topics and life questions. In each podcast, Keda, Adi, Morgan, and Duane share some of the tools they provide to their clients. They explore thought-provoking topics – including: self-limiting beliefs, Kundalini and spiritual awakening, and sexuality. Sit back and enjoy shows full of personal experiences, professional advice, and some good laughs! KEDA - www.true2soul.com ADI Kanda - http://worldwithoutfear.org/ MORGAN Smith - http://morgan-o-smith.tumblr.com/ DUANE Eagle Song - http://prismhealing.com/ Keda Edwards Pierre - Executive Producer, Creative Director, and Host | Equatech Solutions - Sound/Technical Engineering & Sound Editing | Music Written, Composed & Performed by Y'n'Amai
True2Soul Radio is honoured to chat with Wm. Paul Young - New York Times Best-selling Author of The Shack - which is now a film featuring Octavia Spencer and Sam Worthington. The Shack is about the incredible journey of a man whose daughter is abducted and murdered. Although Mr Young initially only printed 15 copies of this novel for his family, The Shack has sold over 20 million copies worldwide. Wm Paul Young is also the author of Cross Roads, and Eve, and has recently released non-fiction Lies We Believe about God. He was born a Canadian and raised among a stone-age tribe by his missionary parents in the highlands of what was Netherlands New Guinea (now West Papua). He suffered great loss as a child and young adult, and now enjoys the "wastefulness of grace" with his growing family in the Pacific Northwest. Facts never tell real stories. The journey has been both incredible and unbearable, a desperate grasping after grace and wholeness, the pain of trying to adjust to different cultures, of life losses that seemed too staggering to bear, of living with an underlying volume of shame so deep that it constantly threatened any sense of sanity, of dreams not only destroyed but obliterated by personal failure, of hope so tenuous that only the trigger seemed to offer a solution. A few facts also do not speak to the potency of love and forgiveness, the arduous road of reconciliation, the surprises of grace and community, of transformational healing and the unexpected emergence of joy. Join us in the True2Soul Radio virtual studio - as Wm. Paul Young generously shares the incredible life journey and unbearable life experiences that fuelled the creation of The Shack, and have ultimately broken him whole. The studio audience will be invited to ask questions after the interview-style chat.
NOTE: NO LIVE CLASS - JUST CLICK ON DOWNLOADABLE AUDIO FILE >>> T2S Radio offers our Listen & Relax Series & our *Meditation Enhanced Series. LISTEN & RELAX: You can relax on your drive to or from home as Keda reads inspiring stories. *MEDITATION ENHANCED: You can find a safe comfortable spot for a relaxing & restorative meditation session. T2S Radio has partnered with Yinnergy Meditation to create a meditative experience for you. We've enhanced some readings with Yinnergy Meditation - developed by Morgan O. Smith - which encourages Alpha Brainwaves (8 hz to 13 hz). See benefits of brainwave entrainment meditation below.
Exploration of spiritual development and enlightenment is not commonly accompanied by supporting physiological evidence. In fact, historically we have placed spirituality and science in adversarial and mutually exclusive positions. Here we are fortunate to speak with Dr. Andrew Newberg (Director of Research at the Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine and Physician at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital).