My name is Joshua Shapiro and along with my divine life partner Katrina Head and our 30+ personal crystal skulls we are known as the crystal skull explorers. We have been working together since 2009. I saw my first crystal skull in 1983 in San Jose, California where I received a message the crystal skulls are returning to help humanity create world peace and since this time this message has not changed.

I have been fortunate to travel the world offering public talks, workshops and private sessions with the crystal skulls as well as we have published ...See All


Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, IL for Computer Science

Experience and Distinctions

1) Have been invited to be interviewed on a number of TV documentaries to share about the crystal skulls
2) Have helped 1-2,000 people to find their own personal crystal skull
3) Have given thousands of private sessions with the Crystal Skulls
4) Author of various books including "Mystery of the Crystal Skulls Revealed 1989 (with Bowen & Nocerino), The Travel Log Series with Katrina Head (Travel Log #1 Mexico 2009, published 2011; Travel Log #2 - Search for the Blue Skull in Peru, published 2012 & 2013); Crystal Skull Chronicles, Book #2, Time of Unity (a ...See All

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This class will go over what CBD Oil is, why it is helping so many people all over the world with all kinds of health issues (physical, emotional or mental) and that the oil is created from the Hemp Plant. So if you or a member of your family is having such challenges as chronic pain, cancer, diabetes, insomania, asthma, to name just a few, the cannaboids, which are in the oil that support our endocannaboid system is what is drametically helping so many people. Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro, your instructor is known as a Crystal Skull and Paranormal World Explorer, author and speaker. In December of 2018 he became linked with cbd oil which he used himself to see improvements to what he calls his minor annoyances at age 63 but a friends daughter taking the oil was ample to totally calm down (hyper-overactive), his friend in Thailand sent to his sister in England cbd oil for her epilepsy and went from 4 attacks a day to two every two weeks and now, at the date of the recording of this class, January 16th 2019 - is working to send cbd oil to his father who has dementia living in assisted living to help him get back his memory. There is an explosion going on around CBD oil as we enter 2019, it will be a common household item soon and President Trump, just signed the 2018 Farm Bill taking CBD off the restrictive substance list to help the Hemp Farmers in America - which will result eventually in all countries accepting it. So this class will introduce you also to Hempworx, the largest seller of cbd oil in the U.S. and their amazing series of products. Further if you are in the U.S., Hempworx offers free samples, check it out at: https://www.hempworxsamples.com/csexplorers17 To talk with Joshua directly or if you have any questions feel free to send an inner-system email via LearnitLive or email him at: [email protected]
Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro here, have you heard of BITCOINS? Why are many experts linked to business (names you will recognize) and entrepeneurship, internet ecommerce and so on saying this is bigger than the internet. Why are the Banks afraid of Bitcoins? Why must you know what they are and starting getting your own NOW or lose out on your future when they become as common place as your cell/mobile phones, the internet, computers, mp3 players, streaming and so on? This class will answer all of these questions, its a beginner's class or introduction and I have the gift to simply explain the key ideas and concepts linked to the first digital currency which has existed since 2009 and is exploding now in 2017 -- as more and more people are getting their own bitcoins and more and more stores and company are accepting to receive payment for their products and services using them. This is truly a great revolution that has been happening and is about to expolde which you just have to be informed about and I am here to help you. Who am I - well since last fall, I have been a teacher at Learn it Live but speaking mostly about world mysteries, the paranormal and my last class was an attempt to discuss the true history of our world (one we are not being taught in our schools). But I also have been an on-line marketer and entrepreneur since the internet came out in 1995 - working with all kinds of services and systems to promote my books, my on-line and public classes, and being very active with social media. But this year, after repeatedly having people throw Bitcoins in front of my face, I dived in in early May and now see why they are important for everyone and how they are changing our world forever. Imagine having a currency which the banks have nothing to do with and which over the past 6 weeks the value has gone up $1200 per bitcoin .... with experts saying it will sky rocket over the next few years. If I don't help you understand this I am doing you a great diservice indeed. So join me in this introductory talk, as I explain what Bitcoins are and how I can help you get started to build up the bitcoins you can obtain. You will thank me one day for this class ... really. So either you can join me live, Thursday, June 8th at 10 PM ET (7 PM PT) or wait for the recording to come out. This is a FREE class so you have nothing to lose except a little time and watch your live be enhanced forever - see you there .... Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro My Unbelievable Online Business Coach for the Coin Brigade, a group linked with Bitcoins
Do you know the true history of our world? Is it what we were taught in school? And where did humanity come from. Was it via natural selection and evolution or does humanity have roots from the Stars. Who we are, our history and where we come from is coming out these days from many sources. Joshua Shapiro is a crystal skull, paranormal and world mystery investigator and public speak, as well as an author of several books including the two new paranormal-based novels he is releasing this year (with help from two co-author/novelists). He has been asking these very questions for over 35 years and believes via his personal experiences and travels, conversation with many interest people all over the world (in person or via on-line) plus inner memories and soul knowledge - he believes he has arrived at these answers now. Plus, the main reason it is vital for others to at least be aware of this history and story is that changes are about to happen to our world which will only make sense if you understand this true history. Everyone is invited to attend as Joshua brings to Learn It Live his 1st on-line class of 2017 after turning 62 here in April. He strives to always be highly informative as well as entertaining at the same time. This is a key class to prepare you for the world of 2017. To learn more about the work which Joshua is involved with, including his divine light partner, Katrina Head and their 30+ set of personal crystal skulls, feel free to visit their website at: www.cse.crystalskullexplorers.com
UFOs - one of the most popular subjects of the day but still it remains a great mystery. However, as one studies the history about UFOs and listen to the experiences and stories told by various researchers, people witnessing them in the sky, or the contactee/abuctees, you soon realize that there is a great deal of activity surrounding this study. Actually in fact, there is enough evidence and physical recordings linked to UFOs,that if it was brought to a court of law, UFOs would be declared to be real. We all know that the major media totally ignores this subject like the plague or perhaps is being told not to cover it. However, more and more people are observing each year and recording on their cell phones these strange objects in the sky all over the world. The desire for UFO disclosure becomes louder and louder each year, and a few countries have already released their evidence. Our current science fiction (books, movies, tv shows) is filled with so-called imaginary story about either humans traveling in space in the future or contact with ETs here on Earth. They say whatever we can imagine, we can only imagine because it exists somewhere. The goal of this class for 1-1/2 hours is to present an overview of the current information being shared but, since I have studied this subject since the 1970's, as well as have my own experiences, working with inner feeling and intuition I will present what I have been guided as the truth related to this subject. I will also discuss why UFOs, and their galactic occupants are a key to the prophecy of a golden age. I will talk about our interaction with ETs in our past and that they are the key for where humanity came from. We will discuss the ET souls who have incarnated into a human body to be present - and finally where I believe this is all heading ultimately. There are many so-called whistleblowers talking about what they know and experienced now. So this class will try to put all together what has happened to our world with contact with ETs in the past, currently and going forward. I have shared with others at time that I believe my soul essence is that of a Cosmic Wanderer, a soul who travels from planet to planet, to help the people move into a higher spiritual awareness. The Wanderers were first discussed in a book by George Hunt Williamson - when I read it I cried. Further, I was struck by a van in 1990 while living in Las Vegas and was in a coma for 3 days, I have a mental image of attending a special series of meetings on the inner realms where I saw what was going to happen in our future, which is now our present. I shall do my absolute best to make sense of all the crazy stories and sightings going on linked with UFOs and ETs. Some believe a form of a more official disclosure about UFOs could happen in 2017. Hope you can make this informative class - Joshua.
Hello dear extended spiritual family - as we have shared via our various classes about the crystal skulls in 2016, the crystal skulls represent a sacred ancient tool, which many ancient civilizations utilized for many purposes such as healing, spiritual awakening, holding of sacred wisdom, energizing the world, helping to maintain excellent weather and more. Last year we started a new series of classes called Crystal Skull Stories where we began to share personal contact and experiences we have had with different crystal skulls and either how such experiences changed us or some very unusual activities took place. We promised last year we would continue these stories for 2017 so we now come back with Part II. These stories help to explain why there are powerful energies linked with the crystal skulls and how these living consciousnesses which live and work through the crystal skulls happen. It helps us to understand the important role the crystal skulls are and will continue to play in our future, to help our world see a golden age of peace. While it is not necessary to have taken any of our other classes to take this one, you do need at least a basic knowledge of what the crystal skulls are about. You should find this classes informative and very entertaining - it also could help you if you are a crystal skull guardian to know how to work with your own skull too. This class will be shared by Joshua Shapiro, who with his divine light life partner Katrina, are known as the crystal skull explorers. Link to Joshua's teacher page ( https://www.learnitlive.com/crystalskullexplorers ) is a free e-book about the crystal skulls or the 1st class he offered here at Learn It Live which is free. Special Request - humbly asked - part of the reason we are making this class at half price, is at the time of its offering, in early January, we are struggling a bit to stay afloat - your participating of this class will be seen as a donation to help us to continue forward in this year - we appreciate to much your interest and support - god bless To learn more about our work feel free to visit our comprehensive crystal skull website at: http://www.cse.crystalskullexplorers.com
Do we really understand the true nature of the World we Live on? Scientist say there is a molten core, but people who know our world is Hollow (as there are photos which show an large opening at the North Pole) say that there is a small sun at the Earth Center. And Gravity holds a person to the inner surface the same as gravity holds us to the outer surface. In this class we will look at all aspects linked to the Hollow Earth (Theory or Reality), discuss some history, what it means that the Earth IS Hollow and how knowing this is going to affect world peace and the spiritual evolution of our world in the near future. When you understand what it means that not only we live on a hollow world but that the moon is hollow and all the other planets in our solar system - then the understanding of reality and how we are and where we are going, it all begins to make sense - and that there is a bright future ahead. This class is open to anyone, but I would say one needs to have an open mind about the subject. I will do my best to share the most powerful evidence why our world is hollow and let the attendees decide for themselves. This should be another fun class in the series of classes we have been offering since last year and a great way to start the new year. But be warned, after taking this class you might not see the world they same way you did before. Joshua Shapiro a crystal skull explorer www.cse.crystalskullexplorers.com
The Study of the Paranormal (i.e. - the spiritual inner nature of reality and our being) is a key to remember who we truly are. In this second class of this series offered by Joshua Shapiro we are going to be talking about the meat and potatoes of what happens in the inner dimensions which is interpenetrating into our physical reality. It has been said that nothing can exist in our physical world without it being inspired in the non-physical realities. In our 1st class we offered before we went over key definitions and concepts linked to the spiritual realms. In this second class in our series we are going to discuss some very involved and profound details about these inner realities which most people have no clue exist. It also could rock you own understanding of reality. As my inner guides told me a while ago - the truth about what is real - is the reverse of what we have been taught. I consider this is one of the most important classes I have very offered which will be life changing. If you really have done an indepth study of the paranormal and the spiritual reality - you can do this class without taking Part I Hope you will join us to prepare for 2017 as it will be a year like we have never seen ... see you on November 30th or via the recording that will be made. thank you - in peace and light - Joshua, a crystal skull explorer
Welcome to our 5th class linked with the Crystal Skulls - we have gone through the class to introduce the skulls, a history, how to work with your own crystal skull(s) and then the connection with UFOs. Now in this class of our series linked with the crystal skulls; Katrina (Head) & Joshua (Shapiro), known as the Crystal Skull Explorers will share their most powerful experiences that they have had in the presence of the many crystal skulls we have seen. These experiences will encompass working with the so-called ancient (very old) crystal skulls that are publicly known along with their own personal crystal skulls (over 30) and many other ones they have met of all shapes and sizes. Naturally while the sharing of such stories and experiences are quite fascinating, in a way it provides us an opportunity to further understand what the mysterious crystal skulls are all about. In addition, these experiences build on top of key themes they have covered in their prior classes and will show those of you who are already guardians of your own crystal skulls that some of your own experiences you have had are not weird but normal. These stories we will tell will take us all over the world during their travels and investigations of the crystal skulls. In some cases, this will be their 1st time to share some of these experiences that they have not had an opportunity to do before. Further by hearing the tales from both a man and woman, you will also see the differences for how the two genders experience the skulls. This will be one of their more entertaining and fun talks and they have no idea how many classes will be needed to share our best stories and experiences. They intended to switch back and forth between the new series about the paranormal and these classes with their personal experiences over the next few months. Now more than ever, our world is a time of great challenges and as well as a manifestation of new amazing events - that this class will help to prepare our attendees (learners on this system) for the possibility of what could lie ahead. The class will continue to share all kind of photos of the many different crystal skulls that they have had the honor to meet. Another classic class in the offering! See you there, Joshua and Katrina the crystal skull explorers www.cse.crystalskullexplorers.com
In this class we will delve within the realms of the Paranormal - which also has been called Metaphysics, Spiritual, the Occult or part of the understanding of what has been labelled the New Age. This is just the first part of a series of classes where Joshua will discuss what the Paranormal is all about, why it is important to understand this field of study and that the Paranormal is more then just seeing the effects of ghosts upon our reality. In the last class Joshua did speaking about UFOs and Crystal Skulls - he could not explain these phenomena without a basic understanding about the Paranormal. To fully appreciate and understand our true essence as immortal souls - we have to understand this study which is loosely defined as beyond the normal, beyond what we can perceive with our 5 senses. Additionally, with the great changes and new activities operating on our physical reality - the other dimensions which are around us and penetrate through and into our reality - these are all signs of a great transformation and evolution happening to our world. Plus, through various means it is possible to speak to and contact the intelligent beings who exist in these other dimensions. Since this subject is vast it will take several classes to cover this area of study - this class will include an indepth definition and discuss what other areas will be covered in future classes. We live in the time of times and to help our world and bring joy and peace into our lives, its time to remember who we really are and what skills and abilities are inside each of us. For the last five years Joshua has been deeply researching this field of study and as he has done in all his classes, he shares with you the very best information he has uncovered through his personal experiences, travels and the inner knowledge that has been awakened within him. This is another must class to take to prepare for the journey ahead in our world.
As mysterious as the crystal skulls are - the UFO phenomena has puzzled humanity for thousands of years as well, although the modern age of the study of UFOs seems to begin in 1947 with Kenneth Arnold's sighting of flying disc near Mt. Rainier and a week later the UFO crash near Roswell. In this class Joshua will discuss how the Crystal Skulls are intimately connected with these ETs and also will share his understanding of the latest key information about crystal skulls - to do both of these subjects justice, we have to do 2 hours ... Also we are going to recommend that you may wish to visit Joshua and Katrina's new website, and check out the on-line story Joshua has been sharing this year called The Disclosure Chronicles - which although its a story - it does discuss October 16th, 2016 becoming "Disclosure Day" which will be only a few days after this class will be given .... the link to check out this story before the class is given is at: http://cse.crystalskullexplorers.com/the-disclosure-chronicles/ There is no doubt in Joshua's mind that UFO Disclosure plus the energetic work which the crystal skulls are doing with their guardians are two keys that will bring world peace to this planet. This class in its form has never been offered by Joshua before. Also we will explore the Hollow Earth and the Inner Earth which are linked to both mysteries. But Joshua has to warn you, what might be shared in this class could change your perception of history and your view of reality, so think carefully is you wish to join him -- if you have any questions about this class feel free to talk with Joshua via email at: [email protected]
This is Class #3 in a series of Crystal Skull Classes offered by the Crystal Skull Explorers, as both Joshua and Katrina, the crystal skull explorers will be offering a part of this class together. Katrina will be sharing with the participants how she is able to work with, bring to life and activate the crystal skulls. As when a person receives a crystal skull through us, she has a special processs she ollow to wake the skull up and be ready for it new guardian. Joshua will continue to follow up on the last class to go into more details on the advanced theories about the true purpose of the crystal skulls and how they are returning to help humanity create a peaceful world - as he didn't have enough time to into the full details about this in the second class. Finally, our friends on Facebook sent us a serious of questions they had and we will be discussing these questions as well. We believe the crystal skulls are important sacred artifacts that were used by advanced civilizations in the past and are now returning to the public's attention to help humanity create world peace. They contain very powerful healing energies and sacred knowledge that can assist us to make a peaceful world. This is the 3rd class offered by the Crystal Skull Explorers, in a special series of classes not offered in this media before. We do recommend that the series student does review the 1st class (introduction - free) and the 2nd class (the history and purpose, a small fee) but if you understand the crystal skulls, this class will stand on its own. To learn more about the Crystal Skull Explorers, Joshua and Katrina, feel free to visit their website at: www.cse.crystalskullexplorers.com or if you have any questions feel free to email them at: [email protected]
In our 1st class we defined what a crystal skull is and gave some personal examples how the energy around the crystal skulls affect people (see our Intro class). Now in this next class, we discuss the known history of when the crystal skulls started to appear publicly, then we look at their ancient history based on information gathered through paranormal means and Joshua's soul memories and finally we look at this important question, "Why are the Crystal Skulls Vital for the Future? Joshua Shapiro is known as a crystal skull explorer who works with his divine light life partner Katrina to share the very best information they have uncovered about one of the world's greatest mysteries, the Crystal Skulls. You can learn more about the Explorers by visiting their website at: http://www.cse.crystalskullexplorers.com Also get a copy of their free e-book on the crystal skulls as a special information linked with this class and attached to the class page.
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