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Andrea Beaman is a Natural Foods Chef, author, and television host dedicated to alternative healing and sustainable living. Successfully healing her incurable thyroid disease with health-promoting foods, exercise and other natural therapies was the catalyst that transformed her life, health and profession. Andrea is passionate about sharing this information with others so they can heal, too.

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Andrea hosts the Award Nominated Fed UP! A cooking show that educates viewers how to cook for, and cure, their bodily ailments. She is the author of The Whole Truth, How I Naturally Reclaimed My Health, and You Can Too! and The Eating and Recipe Guide - Better Food, Better Health, and the popular Health is Wealth - Make a Delicious Investment in You!

Andrea teaches fun cooking classes and health seminars to a wide base of students at The Institute For Integrative Nutrition, The Natural Gourmet Institute, New York Open Center, and other schools around the ...See All

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This certification includes 10 of Andrea's classes on holistic cooking remedies for healthy organs and knowledge checks for each. In order to receive the certification you must view each video and take the accompanying test. The system will automatically grade your tests and pass you when you complete them satisfactorily. After finishing all components of the certification you will receive a certificate from the AB Academy and Learn It Live. The 10 classes include: Cooking for Heart Health Cooking to Support Kidneys Healing Candida Supporting Your Gut Health Love Your Liver Nourish Your Adrenals Culinary Herbs as Medicine! Delicious Recipes & Herbal Remedies for Thyroid Health Cooking for Winter Health and Immunity Eliminate Chronic Fatigue and Boost Energy
Andrea Beaman
Cooking > Healthy Cooking
Ended: Jun 24, 2017 at 09:00 am EDT
Are you worried about your bones? Cast your fears aside! You can give your body the right ingredients to support the health of your beautiful bones, and keep you standing upright and healthy for the rest of your life. In this LIVE interactive and engaging cooking class you will learn: - Specific recipes that promote bone strength and reduce risk of osteoporosis - Foods that nourish the water element in your body keeping your bones flexible and flowing - Herbal remedies that deeply nourish the musculoskeletal system - Simple culinary ingredients that help reduce/eliminate arthritic pain Meet me in the kitchen to get the information you need to start healing now!
Andrea Beaman
Cooking > Healthy Cooking
Ended: May 31, 2017 at 01:30 pm EDT
There are many simple ways to support the health of your digestive system. Join me live where I will share astringent, toning and demulcent herbs, to increase functionality of the intestines. Plus the better bitter foods and herbs to stimulate the release of digestive fluids so you can absorb the food you are eating. Don't get stuck with a malfunctioning gut. Join me LIVE to learn the recipes and herbal remedies to heal your gut!
When liver is blocked or congested, anger and frustration arise, and a lack of creativity follows. Through specific foods and herbs you can support the liver and free up your creative channel. Join me live where I will share a variety of liver health recipes and herbal remedies to clear your liver and support your overall health and vitality.
If you've got thyroid trouble, you don't want to miss this highly informative interactive cooking demo, where you'll discover the food and herbs that support proper functioning of your thyroid gland and how best to prepare them. You could be eating the best food, but if it's not properly prepared, it could be damaging your thyroid gland. We'll cover proteins, fats, carbs, cruciferous veggies, and why they are essential to building thyroid and adrenal hormones. All of the recipes are delicious and very easy to prepare. It's time to give your thyroid the nutrients it needs to function optimally to have you feeling your best. Bring your questions and I'll speak to you LIVE!
February is Heart Health month, and a great way to keep your heart healthy all year round is by supporting your heart with the foods and flavors that it needs the most. According to ancient healing medicine, the bitter flavor supports the heart by clearing digestive stagnation and excess liver heat. Join me to discover how to prepare the most delicious heart nourishing healthy recipes, as well as circulatory enhancing herbal remedies. Give yourself a strong loving heart by joining this LIVE lunch and learn.
Don't let a cold or flu catch you and take your respiratory system hostage! Meet me in the kitchen to learn how to care for your lungs, respiratory and immune systems so you can coast through the fall and winter season without suffering from the latest respiratory illness that has taken hold of the masses. Join me LIVE for a 1 hour engaging cooking class where you will learn: The best foods and flavors that support respiratory health Recipes to enhance lung energy Herbal remedies that boost immunity and keep respiratory system clear Daily support tea to nourishes lung and respiratory health Tinctures and tonics for immediate relief I'm looking forward to seeing you in my kitchen!
Andrea Beaman
Cooking > Healthy Cooking
Ended: Sep 28, 2016 at 01:30 pm EDT
Poor brain health and Alzheimer's Disease doesn't just happen upon as we age, it's a long-term process that takes years to develop. It's imperative to start supporting your brain now with wise food choices! Join my cooking class and learn to prepare recipes and herbal remedies for optimum brain health. We'll cover how cholesterol plays a crucial role in neural connections and what foods contain the right type and amount of glucose for your brain. I'll share a variety of delicious recipes that support circulation to the brain. You will also discover specific herbs and teas that will reduce stress and relax the nervous system to help you get adequate sleep for optimum brain detoxification. Get ready to give your brain a major boost with proper food and herbal remedies. See you in my kitchen!
Sexual vitality keeps everything in the world flourishing. If your physical relationship with your significant other is waning, it could mean your essence is being depleted. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), jing is the source of life, longevity and vitality, including sexual energy. Jing is the deep essence we are born with that is passed down from our parents and stored in our kidneys. Join my cooking class and learn to prepare traditional recipes and herbal remedies that can restore vitality and get you moving and grooving again! You are going to discover powerful food and herbs that boost circulation, support reproductive health, promote blood and oxygen flow to the sexual organs, enhance deep energy, and nourish the nervous system so you can relax and enjoy the experience. See you in my kitchen!
During the spring season allergies can keep you from fully enjoying life: itchy eyes, runny nose, scratchy throat and non-stop sneezing are just some of the symptoms that indicate you are allergic! No other animal in the world is allergic to the changing of the seasons - except us humans. What's going on? It's time to discover how to naturally tone your system so you can enjoy all of the beauty of spring and summer without having to endure a sneeze-fest! Join me to learn how to eliminate your seasonal allergies. We'll use food and herbs that astringe mucous membranes and strengthen immunity, prepare recipes using ingredients to tone and support the intestines, naturally increase your ability to tolerate pollen, dander & mold, plus create a daily herbal tea for allergy relief.
Andrea Beaman
Health & Wellness > Nutrition
Ended: Mar 30, 2016 at 01:30 pm EDT
During the spring many people often suffer with mysterious aches and pains, and seasonal allergies, and do not understand why. Don't worry! You are not falling apart, this is the liver's way of releasing toxins and cleaning house. It's at this time of year that the liver works extra hard at breaking down fat-soluble toxins and sending them on their way to be processed and excreted by the kidneys, bladder, and digestive system. BUT, if the liver is overworked, congested or simply not feeling up to the task, all of your bodily systems can be negatively impacted. Astringent foods like lemons, apple cider vinegar and blueberries, as well as powerful herbs like dandelion, nettles, and red clover can support your liver as it prepares for an annual spring cleaning. It's time for you to learn how to support your body and stop the sneezing and suffering! Meet me LIVE in my kitchen on Wednesday, March 30th at 12:30pm EST to get the recipes needed to support liver health. You will discover the best foods and herbal remedies, and specific cleanses that can help your body naturally detox without all the discomfort.
Andrea Beaman
Cooking > Healthy Cooking
Ended: Feb 24, 2016 at 01:30 pm EDT
February is Heart Health Month and a great way to keep your heart healthy year long is by reducing or eliminate foods that contribute to stress, poor immunity, and overgrowth of bacteria. Let me show you how to prepare delicious heart healthy recipes, as well as some herbal circulatory enhancing remedies. Give yourself a strong loving heart by joining this lunch and learn.
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