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Kim Von Berg is a certified relationship coach, a communication specialist, an NLP practitioner and holds an MA in Humanistic Psychology. She has owned Thriving Loving Relationships ( ) since 1997 through which she offers programs, classes & coaching. On a more personal note, she became a widow in 2008 at the age of 47 - after having been in a loving partnership for over 18 years. She went through the depths of grief, but gradually healed & learned the ropes of dating in the 21st century. She admits to stumbling & going through lots of painful experiences until ...See All


Certified Relationship Coach, Communication Specialist, NLP Practitioner and an MA in Humanistic Psychology

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600 hours training in Communication & Relationship Building, owner of two businesses, Professional Communication Trainer, owned Thriving Loving Relationships since 1997.

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You will be amazed at all that will happen in this course in just five weeks! Kim Von Berg stretches the limits of what is possible in romance & a loving partnership - and teaches you the key skills necessary to not only draw in your extraordinary mate but KEEP him/her! Give yourself the gift of this deep & fulfilling course that goes beyond any "attract your mate" workshop or class you've ever taken! * Reap the fruit of all your inner healing in Level 1! * Become a PURE MAGNET to an amazing mate! * Learn vital skills for a healthy thriving relationship! * Be the person you seek in a beloved! * Learn deep listening & loving assertiveness! * Live a rich & fulfilling life!
Prime yourself to become a magnet to your loving evolved mate! This four week course takes on the deep inner work to attracting a healthy thriving evolved mate & creating a thriving loving partnership. Stop the misery of looking for a needle in a haystack! We explore within to cultivate radical self-responsibility, emancipate oneself from the past, debunk our limiting beliefs, transform our identity in love & learn how to BE the person we wish to attract. Once we have done all of this, the caliber of potential mates automatically rises & we become a beacon to our romantic soul mate.
Successful Women Can Have Their Cake & Eat It Too! It IS possible to attract the relationship of your dreams AND realize your mission in life! Attend this FREE seminar & debunk any core false beliefs that have prevented you from attracting the soul mate of your dreams. Have you dreamed of being with an evolved mate who is emotionally available & ALSO has a flame that burns brightly, but it doesn't extinguish yours? And, together you create a partnership that supports EACH to be the greatest version of each other? And yet, you've really struggled in romance - and feel like you're looking for a needle in a hay stack? If so, you will love this seminar - and you will realize that it isn't that he/she doesn't exist or that you must choose between a relationship or realizing your dream. Come experience this ground breaking seminar presented by relationship expert, Kim Von Berg, to learn more!
Start the new year making yourself a magnet to your loving evolved partner & soul mate! Come get a feel for what my four-week Manifest Your Soul Mate course will be like at this class!
Although I serve both couples & single men and women to help them to attract & create loving passionate thriving partnerships, I mostly help the successful single woman who is on fire with her mission in life. Sadly, when it comes to romance though, she really struggles. She has spent a lot of time working on herself - and, when she goes out to look for that evolved potential mate, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. What she really wants in her perfect partner is for him to get her for who she is & support her success without being threatened. And, ultimately, this man (or woman!) also has a flame that burns brightly - but it doesn't extinguish hers - and together, they create something that is BIGGER & BRIGHTER than they ever thought possible. If you are that woman - or any one else who is ready to attract an evolved mate and create an extraordinary partnership that supports each to be the greatest version of each other, I encourage you to take advantage of a free 60-min. Manifest Your Soul Mate intro class.