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I have embodied tantric light sound breath from the teachings of Kahuna Abraham and the ancient Hawaiian Lomi Lomi tradition since 1995. The White Whale and Dolphin Light Sound was transmitted to me in 2011. I have practiced as a wellness professional for 22 years, successfully coaching thousands of clients to live a prosperous, empowered life. I cherish human advancement into pleasure, sensuality and peace. I love to educate others on how to access their Brain-Bliss, their LadyBliss and their ManBliss and BE healthy, happy and free!

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Bodhi Meditation for Health and Happiness Level 1 + 2 with blessings from Master Jin Bodhi
Biological Decoding with Enrique Bouron
Higher Brain Living with Jim Case
Feminine Freedom Unplugged with Tanya Paluso
YOU training with Brandon Hawk
Personal Power Story with Bo Eason
Message to Millions with Ted McGrath
Performing Arts Diploma New Image College of Fine Arts
Theta Healing Level 1 + 2 with Loretta Mohl
Healing Ancestry through Ritual + Resonance with Jill Purce
Real People Music 5 Day intensive with Edwin Coppard
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Dolphin Intelligence Advocate
Whale Music Promoter
Paleo, Veggie, Vegan, Raw Foods
Snowboarding/Wake boarding/Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Canadian national body building (Trophy/5thPlace)
Featured athlete on TSN/ESPN
Marathon/Half marathon/Ultra triathlon
Triathlon/Inner Limits 90km adventure race
Cycle tour in BC and Australia
Salsa/Merengue/Swing/African performing/teaching
Creator of World Rhythm Dance Fitness + ALLUMINA Dance Alchemy/Animal dance for brain health
Creator/instructor of SOURCE Massage therapy
Living FITT/Creator/Writer/Instructor for Personal Best Seminars
PEAK Performance Lifestyle Challenge/Creator/Writer/Instructor
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Mahalia Michael
Health & Wellness > Brain Health
Recorded: Sep 06, 2018 at 08:03 pm EDT
We are dancing into a blissful vibration through The Power of 333 transformational experience! For the first time we are so happy to offer you the magical combination of the BB Reboot Level 1 program, the BB Unleash Your Brilliance Level 2 program and the BodyBliss 90 Day Danceathon. BRAIN - The Primary Director BLISS - Heaven; Paradise; Utter joy; Supreme happiness; Contentment, Surrender REBOOT - To restart a computer and reload the operating system. The most common reasons to reboot are because the installation of new software or hardware requires it. -online dictionary BRILLIANCE - intense brightness of light, vividness of colour, exceptional talent and or intelligence DANCE - to move in a lively, rhythmic, gyrating way :)
Your feminine nature to ‘Be’ is full of infinite possibilities, no limits, only pure love and manifestation. This is a space of innocent heart and childlike mind, free from self, open to the creative Universe. This is LadyBliss. Bliss is true contentment, joy, happiness, euphoria, nirvana. Yes, it is in your biology, yes it is in your healthy flowing sexual energy, Yes, it is in your higher brain and yet beyond all of that, it is in your LOVE. Each of our previous 12 weeks has been building on this concept .. to be in your LadyBliss is like being in spiritual liberation. There is only light and love and flow. Like a Hula dancer dancing on the beach, like Forest Gump in his simplicity, like a singer in full abandon on stage. Nothing holding us, no limited thought, only inspired action, faith yet beyond faith .. Being .. Blissful Being.
Flower in Full Bloom is you fully awake, aware and alive in all of your LadyBliss glory. A full review of our journey together through purifying, strengthening and integrating your birthright of Bliss.
We as women have our strength in our sensual being nature, yet we have the inner masculine drive to ‘do’. Where do we find balance? How do we commit to follow through on what we say we are going to do? How do we avoid those nay sayers who say it cannot be done including our very own inner voice? We commit. We do what we say we are going to do. We trust our feelings and follow them. NO MATTER WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY OR WHAT THE OUTSIDE WORLD IS TELLING US!! WE DREAM. I have encountered many naysayers through my life and I have had to overcome there depleting words and my own inner dialogue to fulfill my dreams. It takes strength and every woman has this strength.
We want to focus on how and where we direct our flow, into areas of our brain, with our breath and our ability to imagine and visualize what we want. Yet this is not with attachment, clinging or longing and this is also about having a clear, happy mind.
As you have been applying your LadyBliss Breath and the LOVE Gloves and purifying and strengthening you have been adjusting your endocrine system which is very much connected to rebuilding your new, fresh energetic identity. This week we are taking a deep dive into our Endocrine Enchantment and our bodies ability to renew itself with natural amounts of light, sound, breath and orgasmic energy.
This week we are taking a deep dive into our bodies ability to have incredible amounts of pleasure ... Orgasmic Bliss! Definition of orgasm from a medical dictionary: Orgasm: the apex, acme and culmination of sexual excitement. Does sexual excitement always run through our body as our most potent and creative life force energy? Yes. Does sexual excitement have to happen with another person? No. Does orgasmic Bliss only mean having a physical orgasm via the genitals? No. Does orgasmic Bliss include female emotions? Yes. Is Orgasmic Bliss accessible by all women? Yes. Is it easy to access and to have without a partner? Yes. Does this mean women can be in Orgasmic Bliss all of the time? Yes. Did you know that we as women can orgasm from all parts of our body? Skin .. mouth .. breasts ... full body .. heart ...
Our body language lets others know if we are open or closed, receptive or directive, expressing more masculine and or more feminine energy. If we have been more �masculine� through our life, as in more directive, taking charge, athletic, competitive it can send out signals to others that we have our life handled, we do not need help, we are fine. Yet deep down, this physical way of expressing may not represent the full picture. Maybe we do like to receive help, maybe we are putting on a front as a way to protect ourselves. Maybe our truest feelings are expressed through the flowing, language of our body.
Dear LadyBliss, Welcome to week 6 of your musical fragrance and radiant diamond expression. We are waking to our mysterious, musical nature of invisible, Feline Pheromone communication. The chemicals that connect to others without words. The essence of swirling LOVE particles that dance and sing from our bodies, touching others with advanced, intelligent communication.
Taking a deep dive into the mysterious nature of our Lady Voice. The sound with or without sound. The Shakti of LOVE and light that dances and swirls from our heart, mind and body and even our mouth and vocal apparatus, connected to our Yoni portal. There is light sound that transmits information from our being to another. The Lady Voice has a gift and a power. She comes from the deepest space within us. She is fullness, she can be heard and felt from far and wide.
Primal Bonding happened for me when I felt a deep inner union or ‘marriage‘ within myself. Where my inner masculine muscle that so much wanted to be validated and to prove it’s worth began to lose hold or His pumped up voice. She, my yoni portal, my egg, my sensuality, my presence, my tenderness began to take over. I am not saying it was all roses or a clean ride to finally have my feminine take over my masculine. It was probably a bit like a rodeo inside of me for a few weeks and or months! (I am not a fan of rodeos and I do not endorse them yet in this case, bring on the inner cowgirl!)
Female ejaculate is every woman’s gift to humanity. Her flowing waters were revered, honoured, respected and celebrated thousands of years ago.
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