I have so much to share with you. Throughout my adult life I have been dedicated to reclaiming and demystifying ancient wisdom. I have worked relentlessly to rediscover its source. I offer it pure, and stripped of all the religion, dogma, secrecy, and superstition that has for so long disguised its real value. I invite your being into ecstatic transformation through mysticism, magick, sacred sexuality, psychological healing, and energetic bodywork.


Qualifications and Training

MA Movement Psychotherapy
Certified Rewind Technique Practitioner
Professional Sexual Practitioner
25 years of daily study and practice in mysticism and magick

Experience and Distinctions

I have been teaching the mystic arts and working as a private therapist and healer for over 25 years. I look forward to sharing your journey.

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Lilith Wildwood
Spirituality > Meditation
Ended: Sep 12, 2016 at 04:30 pm EDT
4 Magical Rituals of Empowerment through Self Love Open to people of all genders and all relationship situations. Using journey, discovery, self pleasure, self devotion, and sex magick as methods to step into your personal pleasure and power, each session will be a ritual devoted to realising yourself as the divine being you are. You will be led through experiences which will enable you to step deeper and deeper into loving your empowered sexual self. This will be a powerful and deeply transforming experience which will take you through a journey of personal sexual discovery and growth. It is a process of magickal love/sex with yourself, from yourself, and to yourself. Questions? Contact me on: [email protected] Notes: *The advertised price is in US dollars - it works out around ���£22 per week. *Concession prices are available, please ask for a discount code. *Classes will be recorded so if you can't make the times, you will be able to watch them when you are ready. *This programme won't work on a smartphone. You need access to a computer and decent wifi. *You will also need headphones with a microphone.
Lilith Wildwood
Spirituality > Meditation
Recorded: Jul 14, 2016 at 05:30 pm EDT
A Journey to ORDER together
Lilith Wildwood
Ended: Dec 22, 2015 at 05:30 pm EDT
Together let's make a circle and weave the web of light, let the sun be reborn on this the longest night! Rediscover the ancient magical festivals of this land and connect with the earth and the cycles of the year. This Yuletide celebration will involve ritual and manifestation magic based on ancient traditions. The Winter Solstice is the longest night and the shortest day, the darkest time of the year. From this day onwards, until the Summer Solstice, the days will be getting longer and lighter. The ancient Mystery Tradition celebrated this day by welcoming the returning light, the rebirth of the sun. This gathering will be a time to stop and look back on the last half year, to look forward to where the next half year will lead. It will be a moment to be conscious of your life’s flow and direction, a time to express your hopes and fears, and to celebrate your achievements.
A full ritual and meditation process to celebrate Samhain together in the traditional Celtic/Pagan way - with meditation, journey and chant. Honour the dying year and remember our lost loved ones. It's time to let go of destructive states of mind with this open ritual to celebrate the Celtic day of the dead based on traditional pagan practice and Western Mysticism. If we align with the energies of each phase of the natural progression of the seasons, we can consciously participate in and benefit from the gifts of each phase. We can experience how our lives reflect the many dimensions of a living system. These rituals are also an opportunity for people to come together in the spirit of celebration, sharing and community via the web. We will ritual, journey, chant and meditate together in honour of our lost loved ones. We will bury the old, to make way for the new. We will share a precious moment of grief, love and renewal, as our minds and hearts connect in the astral space. You will need to collect a few things before we start so join up asap to begin the preparation process in the lead up to the event. Love to you all, I look forward to sharing this ritual with you. Note: Be aware that we will be addressing issues of death and grief as part of this ritual and it some people may find this difficult.
An introductory explanation and then a short meditation to acknowledge Halloween according to Pagan and Celtic traditions.
A 5 week course. Known as the 'chariot of ascension' this is a very powerful 18 breath meditation. It transports you to a place beyond the three-dimensional world and offers opportunity for profound insight and experience. It will show you exactly what is necessary for you in the moment. This could be a journey into the cosmos, an insight into the Quantum reality, a step into your own DNA, a leap into a past or future 'life', or anything else that you need to discover. During the 18 breaths you will carefully 'build' your 'chariot' - a 17 metre energy field, within which two counter-rotating tetrahedrons spin at exactly the speed of light. This ancient meditation is said to come from pre-Egyptian civilisations who had great insight into the powers of the mind. Some say that it comes from civilisations that are not from Earth! I will leave you to ponder that one. The translation is: Mer - rotating light Ka - the human spirit Ba - the spirit interpreting its reality Although any meditation or journey work will gently stimulate your own personal DMT (naturally occurring psychedelic), this meditation focuses specifically on the mechanisms that cause its activation. People often experience visions, communications, kundalini awakenings, and/or a sense of infinite bliss or ecstasy. During the course we will work to master each of 17 breaths. Each one is accompanied by a visualisation, a hand position, and a heart focus. This will help you to build your chariot, and start the engines. The 18th breath will be the gateway to your journey. We will perform the complete process three times. Once to test the waters, and the second time to engage fully with the experience and a third time to step in more deeply.
You have the power to bring into being anything that you wish to create. But it is not as simple as just thinking it - as the new age manifestation teachers would have you believe. In order to manifest, you must create a very clear intention, and then believe it down in the depths of your unconscious. This is easier said than done. Drawn from ancient magickal techniques, the methods I will show you work directly with the unconscious, in a language it understands. When symbols are implanted deep within a psyche, which is already opened up by an altered state, a pathway of belief is forged. Once a belief is implanted, it is very difficult to remove it and your unconscious will do all it can to make it be so. Once you have learned the technique, you will be able to use it for any manifestation that you wish to create in the future.
A class to learn and perform the Sacred Blueprint Embodiment Meditation together.