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The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) is a leading technology industry association dedicated to the promotion and economic advancement of the state’s technology industry. TAG provides leadership in driving initiatives in the areas of policy, capital, education and giving, and also brings the technology community together through events, initiative programs and networking opportunities. TAG serves as an umbrella organization for 27 affinity groups, or societies, including Women in Technology (WIT). Additionally, TAG’s charitable arm, the TAG Education Collaborative, is focused on helping science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education initiatives thrive. For more information visit the TAG website at ...See All


The Technology Association of Georgia supports its members by generating opportunities for personal, professional and business growth. By forging these strategic alliances, TAG acts as a primary catalyst to foster a rich growth environment for technology development in Georgia.

As a result, TAG's loyal and growing membership is better prepared to meet future challenges as Georgia's technology community becomes a world-class benchmark.

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Discount code (to be used by TAG members only): CKVWAMQZ On February 25th over three dozen C-level executives, senior managers and a wide variety of practitioners ranging from security analysts to forensics investigators, network technicians, risk managers and training directors joined the FBI, GBI, 911 and police to role play their response to seven well planned and executed attacks: five were cyber and one was physical. The final attack, a social engineering attack, wasn’t even detected yet as the Simulation ended. On Thursday, May 1st, comes the exclamation mark at the end of the sentence: what is known to security and emergency management personnel as the After Action Report or to the rest of us as lessons learned. This one hour webinar will feature Keith Butler of La Crosse County, Wi, Emergency Management who will summarize the official Department of Homeland Security After Action Report that will be released on May 1st, of which Keith is primary author. Keith will point out the take-aways from the 2014 Simulation as well as identify areas for improvement for 2015 from a DHS-perspective. There will be ample time allowed for discussion and questions. Roy Hadley and Ed Pascua, the co-chairs of the TAG InfoSec Society will be available to add their comments as will the president of the fictional target of the attacks, for two hours, The Logistics Company, Patrick Gaul who is also Chairperson of the Board of TAG. Exercise designer and moderator Jim Cavanagh, of Cyber Exercises, will provide some background information as well as announce the subject of the 2015 Cybersecurity Simulation. If you attended the actual Simulation, or not, there is a lot to be learned from this webinar that you can apply to increase the cybersecurity of your organization.
Discount code (for use by TAG Members only): MK6FSUJH Do you work on a virtual team? Most people in today’s companies work on one or more virtual teams or teams that are virtual and co-located. Join us for this webinar on Tuesday and learn how to make your virtual team function at top performance levels. You’ll learn how to: • Organize critical information • Run virtual meetings • Use social media as a collaboration tool • Get buy-in from team members on goals and objectives • Resolve differences Benefits You’ll get insights for staying on task, meeting stated objectives, closing projects on time, and increasing camaraderie. With over 25 years in the speaking and training field, Karla is experienced at listening to clients and designing leadership and team building programs that get results whether that is a keynote for a conference, retreat, or regional meeting or an in-company training program. She can teach your managers how to improve their influence skills and have greater impact when interfacing with their employees. In the process, Karla has learned the secrets of how leaders can earn the discretionary effort of employees and have discovered an immutable law: the company with the most discretionary effort wins in the marketplace. Being a co-author of a forthcoming book, "Leadership by Superior Relationships" has helped Karla solidify 5 steps for managing the work environment that bring you economic sustainability and increased profitability. With the information she can give your leadership team, they will excel in aligning employees with organizational goals to move your organization forward. Specialties: *Leadership by Superior Relationships *Leading a Virtual Team *Professional Development: Human Behavior Depuzzler + Gallup Strengths Finder 2.0* *Communication Skills: Easy and Effortless Difficult Conversations: How to have authentic dialog. *Creativity, Change and Innovation *Email: Surviving Avalanche Email *Time Management: Manage the Chaos, Bedlam and Pandemonium *Time Management and Microsoft Outlook Visit for more information.
PROMO Code (for use by TAG members only): RSUQG3LV Driving Accelerated Innovation by Raj Ramachandran, Ed.D. Raj will discuss why innovation is a top priority for business leaders and how individuals can learn to be effective innovators. His research will examine common challenges faced by organizations trying to drive innovation and a learning platform they can use to ignite innovation. Raj serves as Vice President of Enterprise Solutions for Apollo Education Group which is charged with developing innovative educational products and solutions to serve global learners. Raj has more than 17 years of management consulting experience working at both Accenture and IBM providing strategic learning services to a variety of Fortune 500 clients in the higher-education, manufacturing, retail and high-tech industries. Raj has a bachelor of science in biochemistry from The Ohio State University and is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, earning both his Doctorate and Masters in Education.
PROMO code (for use by TAG members only): FS72MSVD Wouldn’t you love to increase your ability to confidently and accurately assess who’s a superior performer and who’s not? In this interactive presentation, Suzie Price gives you exactly what you need to pick the right people for your team. Come discover the essential elements in Suzie’s How to Hire Superior Performers process. She’ll teach you: • How to avoid the top three mistakes all interviewers make • Which interview questions are GUARANTEED to help you reveal the REAL work ethic of every candidate • The one thing you can start doing right away that’ll greatly improve your ability to hire superior performers Our process is proven and time-tested. If you follow it, you will Dodge the Duds and Pick the Winners every time. Get ready, because with this information, you’ll have the high performing team you’ve always wanted! Suzie Price is a results-oriented Professional Facilitator, Consultant and Author with over 25 years’ experience in business and management. Her company is Priceless Professional Development. She specializes in helping sales and technology leaders build more energy, commitment and communication in their organizations so they can reduce turnover, increase productivity and improve the bottom-line. Suzie is a life-long learner. Her professional certifications include: • Affiliate Certified Axiological Practitioner • Certified Professional Facilitator • Certified Professional Behavior Analyst • Certified Professional Motivators Analyst • Certified TriMetrixHD Analyst • Certified Instructor of Customer Oriented Selling Her books: 120 Stress Management Strategies and Daily Tips for Professionals and How to Hire Superior Performers: 70 Best Practices, Strategies and Tips for Interviewers together with her Wake Up Eager Website and Priceless Professional Workshops and Consulting to provide ongoing inspiration and success strategies for leaders.
Promo Code (for use by TAG members only): A6L63G6Q Howard Cattie has had over 30 years as a Career Coach, Recruiter, Sales and Sales Manager before founding CareerOyster LLC. CareerOyster provides online career and job transition coaching to help executives and professionals direct their careers throughout their working lives. Career, resume, and interview coach expert Howard Cattie will touch on: • what has changed in the industry since 2009 • Today’s technology workplace and trends • Is there such a thing as long-term planning in today’s world? • Proactive Career Management In The 21st Century • How do we proactively manage one’s career? • Where am I in my Career Lifecycle? • How do I stay ahead of the Ball – Do I need a Plan B! • Marketability Factors for Job Search going forward
TAG Members Only Promo Code: PUWGA44D Handout: Ever wish you knew exactly what moves people to do their best work? Suzie’s Workplace Motivation Method shows you just how easy it is to discover your own top motivators and drivers, as well as those of the people you live and work with. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to boost your own energy, improve team dynamics, and make better hiring decisions. In this jam-packed presentation, Suzie shows you how to: • Quickly increase your level of personal enthusiasm, resilience, and motivation … and those of your team members • Actively manage your own stress by learning the EXACT actions you need to take to reduce it • Dramatically reduce the amount of internal and external conflict in your life and on your team • Immediately improve the hiring decisions you make In today’s world, knowing exactly what moves people to action is critical. Don’t guess. Come join us … and learn the secrets. Suzie Price is a passionate speaker and results-oriented Professional Facilitator, Consultant and Author with over 25 years experience in business and management. She is a dynamic speaker with an innate ability to connect deeply with audiences of a hundred or a thousand. Participants are encouraged, motivated and inspired by her authenticity and passion. From sales leaders to technology executives, she connects with a diverse range of audiences. She specializes in working with leaders, helping them build more energy, commitment and communication in their organizations, so they can reduce turnover, increase productivity and improve the bottom-line. Suzie has helped thousands of leaders build winning teams through keynote presentations, consulting services and customized workshops, as well as through her books, website and assessments.
TAG Member only Promo Code: VWJLXZD2 Realizing a better digital ROI? Often times we are so focused on the end goal, that we don’t put enough importance on how to achieve it. Customer centricity is key to a successful digital strategy. There are great customers and then there’s everyone else. How in-tune are you with your customers? What is your customer experience like? In this session, Justin Reilly will share how to become more digitally self-aware by using the Digital Capabilities Index (DCI) to set the scene for executing on customer centricity. Learn the current state of your digital customer journey, and take away a DCI self-assessment. Speaker Bio Justin Reilly (@justinMreilly) is an entrepreneur, poet, and writer from Atlanta, Ga. He is the Director of Digital Strategy, Product and Innovation at Arke Systems, a marketing technology firm. Prior to Arke, he was a Partner at Grey Seven Labs, a digital products group focused on cross-platform insights and intelligence for the enterprise. He co-founded, a comprehensive social marketplace and has a significant background in international lead generation and performance marketing. Outside of the office, Justin is an award winning Spoken Word artist. A recent graduate from Wharton Business School, and a Penn Basketball alum. He possesses an unhealthy obsession with big data and a general disdain for low hanging doorways and small spaces.
**Use discount code: TM94M3U3 Meeting Agenda 11:30 – 11:45: Arrival/lunch - You will receive a report of your society’s social media performance upon arrival 11:45 – 12:00: Updates from TAG, and recognition of societies that met their goals 12:05 – 12:50: Speaker: Jeff Sheehan 12:50 – 1:00: Final announcements 1:00 – Adjourn
Discount Code (for use by TAG members only): NZPSFA6R How can Social Visual Communication assist in building your brand? Learn how Instagram, Snapchat, Vine & YouTube can do for your business. This presentation provides attendees with an overview, case studies & best practices for socially visualizing your brand! Bio: Dorotha Bozicolona-Volpe is a strategic digital marketing executive who is fluent in 4 languages and specializes in developing business for international brands (Fortune 500) via initiating and integrating social media and digital strategies and enterprise social networking, as well as, building strategic partnerships and implementing marketing technologies. Dorotha teaches marketers and business leaders how to measure, optimize and build current new media efforts to increase value and develop strong relationships between brands and fans Additionally, Dorotha has appeared as a social media marketing strategy subject matter expert on CBS and CNN’s Ali Velshi (VEL-SHE) show. She is a great supporter of TAG (Technology Association of Georgia and has presented for us here in the past. Some of her clients include: Randstad, BCD Holdings, Ortec, Boy Scouts of America, Mashable, Ryan Seacrest, Ryan Seacrest Productions, Chrysler, The Weather Channel, AT&T, Georgia Tech, InterContinental Hotels Group, Mercer, Jewish Family & Career Services, Ogilvy & Mather, Reader’s Digest, Qualcomm, Turner Network Television, Coca-Cola. Dorotha is an avid skateboarder who tweets to relax. Follow Dorothea on Twitter @socialespionage and connect with her on her website
TAG Members Only Discount Code: LFNAYQ3W PowerPoint abuse and misuse is rampant in the technology sector. One place where PowerPoint is much maligned is in the area of representing complex technical information. In this webinar, we'll explore methods for representing technical information in a consumable format. You'll learn alternatives to the default charts and graphs of PowerPoint. You'll discover ways to map complex processes that don't resemble an eye chart. You’ll observe effective techniques that you can apply to simplify your slides, yet make them more impactful. See how changing the way you represent data can improve your ability to influence outcomes. But be prepared – because sometimes the answer won’t be PowerPoint.
TAG Discount Code: VMVXT3JP If one just looks at the general trends of ANY industry, or heck, if one just observes their own behavior, it is obvious that going mobile is no longer an option. But at the same time, getting mobile wrong is not an option for most of the companies. In this workshop oriented session we will go through five decisions any company – whether a B2B or B2C – needs to make and get right, to make sure that they are meeting their visitors’ expectations and getting the most out of their mobile website.
PowerPoint abuse and misuse is rampant in the technology sector. One place where PowerPoint is much maligned is in the area of representing complex technical information. In this webinar, we'll explore methods for representing technical information in a consumable format. You'll learn alternatives to the default charts and graphs of PowerPoint. You'll discover ways to map complex processes that don't resemble an eye chart. You’ll observe effective techniques that you can apply to simplify your slides, yet make them more impactful. See how changing the way you represent data can improve your ability to influence outcomes. But be prepared – because sometimes the answer won’t be PowerPoint.
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