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Geometry is omnipresent in mother nature, from the spirals of the galaxies, to pine cones, sun flowers, honeycombs to the structure of subatomic particles and molecules. Sacred geometry and occurrence of fractality is a great way to explain the deep rooted connections between Natural Phenomena, Science and Spirituality.

Geometric Models is dedicated to improving the understanding of geometry. To that end we offer consultancy service, online education and unique products that will help us better visualize and understand geometry and its occurrence in natural phenomena.


Studied banking and finance at the University of Bilkent.

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Background in hedge fund management. Currently a certified Biontologist, investigative writer, organizer, researcher of the occult and esoteric.
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Universe as fractal, conscious, self organizing matrix. We will look into the clues of how this reality is constructed and where we are in the fractal chain of matrix.
Fractal Architecture with Tufan Guven Perfect compression creates perfect charge distribution. Climax form of fractality, golden mean ratio, sorts out the problem of infinite compression by conjugating phases to allow constructive wave interference aka gravity. Bioactive fields, where charge is distributed effectively increases seed germination. We will apply the knowledge to bio-architecture.
True Esoteric History of -Shakespeare- John Dee- and Alchemy- with Teresa Burns - ( google: jwmt Teresa Burns ) Deep evidence Shakespeare was trained with Dee & Kelley in Prague (as Francis Garland)- WHY the plays are alchemic- and about Dee's Heptagonal Working - planned for a year 'The Tempest' storm that took out the Spanish Armada.
Practical application and hygiene of spiritual physics to daily life. " Did you ever wonder why the metal in your belt buckle or pockets- seems to get abnormally warm- when you wear them. It is not just the mechanical heat they pick up from your body - it is ALSO the capacitive charge which is the blood of your aura- which is bleeding away into them! Did you ever wonder why- ancestor visions, druid phone calls, and military telepathy can only happen at (conjugate/ longitudinal embedded) Earth magnetic line crosses? Does this tell you something about the ONLY correct places to have birth/ bliss and death? Lets think about it. We get asked the question daily: what are the technologies to duck from electrosmog. What is it about the charge of a 'sacred altar' that really reduces electrosmog. Let's study the physics of GROUNDING (book: "Earthing")- to UNDERSTAND the school behavior revolution that happened in the one country where ALL THE CHILDREN IN SCHOOLS STOPPED WEARING SHOES! Why did 3 people standing in line- at the bio store with me in Santa Barbara- suddenly turn to ME to initiate a conversation just seconds after I removed my shoes to let my moist feet touch the wood floor! - What is the information theory physics behind grounding?? Why is it ultimately required BEFORE you can really teach or sustain COMPASSION? - Postscript here includes the spiritual physics of rainmaking - - how to restore water attraction to a parched land- by restoring the geometry of magnetic centripetal force - the real meaning of ground: implosive access to fractality- perfected charge distribution.
Basics of medieval alchemical tradition and steering torus, plasma domains.
We will be learning: - Sacred Geometry - Platonic Solids - Qualities of the universal energy (charge) - Neg-entropy - Geometrical patterns in the belief systems - Golden ratio based fractal systems (solution for fractal phase conjugation)
We will be learning: - Sacred Geometry - Platonic Solids - Qualities of the universal energy (charge) - Neg-entropy - Geometrical patterns in the belief systems - Golden ratio based fractal systems (solution for fractal phase conjugation)