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Sun Aug 28 at 04:00 pm EDT
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About This Class
itHRVE- HRV Heart Biofeedback- Coherence / Stress / Sacral Cranial Measurement- with Patrick Botte - Programmer and Sacral Cranial Expert- Moderated with Dan Winter
How to and quick start- and FAQ for the new breakthrough app- included. see - and the background and especially Patrick's -Elegant 4 inputs to IOS- world leading- HRV measure of coherence, breath, stress, deep sleep quality, cranial-sacral Mayer wave - for performance / meditation / health and more.- primary site for this HRV biofeedback app: -much background info on coherence and stress training biofeedback with itHRVE is at and ...See All
Complete Course Outline/animaionst download- Sunday Aug 28 - 2pm NY time Course- How your heart HRV- chooses wave harmony- embedding/ feeling your world - How to use HRV Biofeedback for IOS- 2hours with SacroCranial Expert/Programmer Patrick Botte and Dan Winter - join us!
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